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September 21st, 2017 by Julie K.

Photos of Mika’s first weeks with us

This is one of the long coat girls from the M litter. I can’t wait to see what she looks like full grown 💖

Alta-Tollhaus Michigan

IMG_20170918_223329_933 IMG_20170917_110714_866 IMG_20170916_112446_080 IMG_20170917_094830_691

September 21st, 2017 by Julie K.

Mika is 13 weeks old

A big milestone for Mika 😊

Her ears are still standing, she loves to play, follow her humans around and will do anything for freeze dried lamb!

I post all her pictures on Instagram @stevetopdog – these are some of my recent favorites. She is truly a joy!

Mika is Alta-Tollhaus Michigan from the M litter. Tenno vom Bellissimo and Alta Tollhaus Juno.


IMG_20170920_230354_725 IMG_20170919_142006_917 IMG_20170918_173219_559 IMG_20170917_222446_837

September 18th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden at the PVKC Agility Trial – Day 2

Yesterday was day two of the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Agility Trial and it was not a good day for Aiden.

It was a very foggy morning during the walk thru for Premier Standard.



Aiden’s first class was Premier Standard. He got off to a good start but missed the correct entry to the weave poles. Then he had a slight hesitation at a jump and the judge called a refusal. Overall it was not a bad run.

Next was Masters Standard Preferred. Aiden was wound! He did the first three obstacles and then kept going straight when he should have turned to a jump. I got him back on course but then he knocked a jump on a turn. As Aiden was on the table Jack went to zoom in with the video but hit the wrong button and the video stopped.

The sun came out and it started to get hot. Aiden and Dylan relaxing in the tent.


…and waiting for a treat


Aiden’s next class was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. This did not go well either. Aiden knocked a jump, went in the wrong side of a tunnel and got a refusal for spinning at a jump!

It is a 3 hour trip home so we decided to start taking the tent down and packing up the car. By the time we had everything ready to go it was just about time for the Time to Beat class to start. As Aiden was entered in it we decided to stay. Aiden had a great run and set the Time to Beat. He won the class and earned 10 points.


September 16th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden at the PVKC Agility Trial

This weekend Aiden is entered in the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Agility Trial in Westfield, MA. As this is an outdoor trial at a fairgrounds we decided to bring Dylan along with us.

Aiden and Dylan on the road on FridayIMG_1498

We stopped for lunch and the boys got a burger!IMG_1501

Aiden’s first class this morning was Masters FAST Preferred. Aiden got the tough bonus, which involved taking the tunnel entrances furthest from the handler with a jump in-between. He knocked one jump as I was being greedy and trying to get an extra 3 points but the angle to the jump was not good and the bar came down! (In FAST you can knock jumps without being disqualified but you do not get the points for the jump). Aiden scored 74 points for 1st place.

Aiden’s second class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. This was a difficult course with a very tricky tunnel entrance. Aiden had a clean run and placed 1st. He earned 21 PACH points.

It had been fairly warm but overcast earlier in the day but then the sun came out and it got hot. We took the boys to cool their feet in the very small pool!


Then Dylan and Aiden rested in the tent.IMG_0886

Our friend Jamie came by to visit with Caper. Dylan and Caper are ab0ut the same age (12+ years old) and did agility back in the day!IMG_1579

By the time it was Aiden’s turn to run in Masters Standard Preferred it was 87 degrees. It did not slow Aiden down in any way! Aiden got through the difficult beginning of the course but took an off-course jump near the end. It was a great run.

We had a great day. Back to the trial tomorrow.IMG_1607



September 7th, 2017 by Julie K.


Alta Tollhaus Korra (hunter x yoyo), about 18 months out for a walk with the family!