Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Hello! I am so excited to announce that I am working with Alta-Tollhaus to provide puppy training for new puppy parents! Let me get your puppy off to the best possible start. What you will get is a solid, confident puppy who loves to learn! Your puppy will be housebroken and crate trained. You new puppy will learn house manners and also be exposed to as many sights and sounds as possible in and around the home. Our ultimate goal is a solid, confident, happy, friendly puppy that you can take anywhere.

A huge portion of our puppy program is socialization! This should be an ongoing part of your dogs life, that being said, there is an optimal socialization window where it is imperative that your puppy has exposure to many places, people, sounds and experiences. In addition to all of this, your puppy will be started in basic obedience to include sit/stay, down/stay, recall (come command), beginning heeling, nail trimming (clipper and Dremel), grooming, handling and to top if off, your puppy will even learn how to walk on a treadmill!

So, how does this all work? I offer four and eight week packages depending on your ultimate goals. I prefer to get your puppy directly from Alta-Tollhaus and begin right at the eight week mark. You are more than welcome to visit your puppy during training and if you are local I will include a mid-way and a go-home lesson with your training package. You can choose to get your puppy at 12 weeks or at 16 weeks.

I will be with you every step of the way to make sure you feel confident to continue the training at home. With an Alta-Tollhaus puppy, you are already getting the best of genetics – let me help you add in the training component. Pictured is my current puppy client, Layla from the Tao and Alfa litter born in early August, 2019.

T-Litter 3 Days Old

T-Litter Hero x Bailey
It is hard to see what Bailey is doing in this picture, but allow me to explain…she placed her Kong in next to her pups and then stood back waiting, as if she expected them to kick it back to her…or something??? She also tried dropping the Kong in with the pups to see if that would get them to play with it.  No success unless you count it rolling and knocking one of the pups over.

Puppy Diet

I am determined to start my puppy with a healthy diet, so here’s my simple plan for this month.

He will be fed 6-10% of his bodyweight daily. I am feeding one source of meat a week to eliminate any allergies.

Age: 8 weeks old Weight 12.3 lbs.

week 1

1 lb. ground chicken (Bravo premixed) fed 3 x a day

week 2

ground turkey fed 3 x day.

week 3

ground beef/chunks

week 4

chicken wings/breast /necks

green tripe, I like the products from greentripe.com especially the Xkaliber

turkey, beef/liver