Canis Woofus Family

April 9, 2012

Y-Litter 6.5 Weeks

Y-litter Franco von Kuckucksland x Allie @ 6.5 weeks Purple girl: Charlene doing some puppy training: Nap-time Teal girl: Pink Camo girl playing kissy face: Blue-camo […]
April 8, 2012


X-litter girl PInk Polar Bear Girl now known as Bell Thought you would like to see a recent picture of Bell. She has adapted well to […]
April 8, 2012

The Easter Batty

April 6, 2012

Y-Litter 6-Weeks Random Shots #3

uh um my stick… Camo boy:
April 6, 2012

Y-Litter 6-Weeks Random Shots #2

Stock-coat and long-coat Black Camo boy followed by another stock coat boy: The blue collar boy and the Teal collar girl battle over my shoe lace:
April 6, 2012

Y-litter Stock-Coats at 6 Weeks

Y-litter stock coat puppies at 6 weeks. Y-litter is Franco vom Kuckucksland x Allie Black-camo boy: Camo boy: Blue boy: Blue Camo boy Blue Paw Print […]
April 6, 2012

Y-Litter 6-Week Random Shots #1

Y-Litter Franco x Allie Pink-camo girl Two boys: Boy: Camo boy with some Honest Kitchen food on his nose and Lime-Green boy in the background: Fluffy […]
April 6, 2012

Y-Litter Fluffies

There are 4 long-coats in the Y-litter 3 girls and 1 boy. Purple Girl: Teal Girl: Red Girl: and the only long-coat male, Lime Green boy: […]
April 5, 2012

Y-Litter Brief

The X and Y litters are alike in some ways and different in other. They are alike in both litters are social pups, love attention and […]