Aiden and O’Connor’s trip to the GSDCA National

Aiden and O’Connor’s trip to the GSDCA National

Aiden was invited to participate in the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s Fourth Annual Invitational Agility Top 20 Preferred. Aiden is #10 of the Top 20.  On Thursday October 11th we left Harwich at 4:30am to begin our trip to Purina Farms in Missouri for the GSDCA National Dog Show and Trials.

We made a few pit stops along the way and late afternoon we stopped at the Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA where the dogs got a chance to run and play on the shore of Lake Erie. It was so rough the lake looked like the ocean!

After our walk we felt refreshed and continued on to Columbus, OH where we spent the night. All the boys sharing pizza in the hotel!

On Friday we got another early start and headed to Indiana for a visit with our IPO trainer, Mario, at his new home.
Our next stop was in Terre Haute where we had a visit with O’Connor’s brother O’Casey (Mick). The brothers, who look like twins, were thrilled to see each other and had a great time playing together.

On Saturday O’Connor was entered in the Mound City Obedience Training Club’s Obedience and Rally Trials in Caseyville, Illinois. They were holding two trials in one day and Connor was in two Beginner Novice B classes and two Rally Novice B classes. This was Connor’s second trial and there were three rings going on at one time making for lots of distractions.
Connor’s first class of the day was Rally Novice and he qualified with a score of 91 (out of 100) and 4th place.
The second class was Beginner Novice Obedience. Connor qualified with a score of 198 (out of 200) and 1st place.
The third class was Rally again and again Connor qualified in 4th place, this time with a score of 95 for his Rally Novice (RN) Title!
The final class of the day was Beginner Novice and he qualified with a score of 195 and 1st place.

On Sunday we went to Purina Farms to set up our crates and chairs ready the agility trial. We took the dogs for a long walk around the beautiful Purina Farms property.

On Monday Aiden was entered in the first day of the GSDCA (GSD only) Agility Trial. Aiden was in all three classes, Masters FAST Preferred, Masters Standard Preferred and Masters JWW Preferred. He qualified in all the classes in 1st place for his first ever Triple Q !

The second day of the GSDCA Agility Trial Aiden had another great day and earned another Double Q with two 1st places. He had a good run in Time to Beat but one bar came down. Aiden was awarded High in Trial Preferred.

During the trial there was a presentation of the awards of the Top 20 Agility Invitationals. Everyone ran a Time to Beat type course just for fun with music blasting and people cheering. This was a wonderful experience and honor that I can not express adequately in words.

Overall Aiden earned five 1st places, a triple Q, a Double Q, was High in Trial Preferred and earned Masters Bronze Agility Preferred Title (MXPB)

V, U-CH, PAM, Alta-Tollhaus Aiden IPO-2



Andrea came to Purina Farms to support us and cheer us on. She took some great action shots of Aiden.

In between Aiden’s agility classes we took the dogs for walks and to play.

Andrea, Alta-Tollhaus Schoen Zeta, Alta-Tollhaus Aiden, Lynda and Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor

Connor and Zeta

On Wednesday O’Connor was entered in Beginner Novice Obedience at the GSDCA National. He qualified with a score of 185.5 for his Beginner Novice Title (BN).

VP Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor BN, RN, CGC

In the afternoon Aiden got one run on the Lure Coursing Field for fun. He had a qualifying run and earned a leg towards his Coursing Ability Advanced Title.

Connor got to see some sheep and he wanted to do his Herding Instinct Test but he is still too young!

On Thursday morning we left Pacific, MO for our 1300 mile drive home. We made a few quick stops and when we got to Columbus, OH we went to the Sharon Woods Metro Park and had a nice long walk with the boys. We continued on the road a bit further before hunkering down for the night.

On Friday morning we hit road and made it safely home.

What an incredible experience the whole trip was.


Steve at the PNW regional show

Steve at the PNW regional show

Steve was entered in the PNW regional show this last weekend in Boise. After not being in the ring for a good one and a half years I was so happy with how he did. He showed nice in the ring with the handler and his off leash portion with me was excellent and so much fun! Steve got first place in LSH working males. I plan on showing him again in the Spring.

Also this weekend Steve earned his AD title. Attached are some photos from the weekend including some of his bite work practice.

Steve is registered as Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr





Steve returns home

My boy Steve just returned home. Since March he has been training with Leithawald team overseas. While he was there he earned his BH, IPO1 and IPO2 titles. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and I am so proud of Steve!! And I am so happy to have him home. There was a noticeably empty place in our home without Steve there. He is a very special, once in a lifetime dog!

I have a trip to Boise planned to meet some awesome trainers to help get him ready for his show and breed survey in October. Exciting times ahead, I can still hardly believe all this is happening. I am so thankful to Julie for making this possible for us. I should say also how impressed I am with Steve’s breeding. His temperament is truly ideal. I brought him home after him being gone for six months and it was like he had never been gone and we just picked right back up where we left off. He is still the same lovable Steve. The following are all pictures from his first few days back home. And if you ever want to see more pictures of him I have his entire life on an Instagram account @stevetopdog

Steve is registered as Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr.

He and Mika are becoming fast friends!


Mika in Ohio


Mika at the GSDCA Universal Sieger Show in Ohio.

Mika did so well on our two week vacation/road trip. We left Washington for Missoula on Saturday and from there spent a couple days in South Dakota before continuing on to Ohio for the dog show. Mika proved to be a great travel companion. At the show she took third place, she did a little better in practice the day before but it was all good expirience. From the show we spent a couple days on Lake Michigan and then headed home.

There were so many Alta Tollhaus folks at the show which made the event a great time. I have more pictures that I will share later of all the other dogs, but here are some of Mika on the show day,  the second picture is of her and her new friend Aiden:)


Introducing Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor

We apologize in advance for the length of this post but it is covering an eight day visit to Michigan and back home to Cape Cod. We thought we would post daily while in MI but seeing the puppies and good friends filled our days.

On Saturday March 10, 2018 Jack and I took Aiden and left Cape Cod for a road trip to Julie’s.

🎼We’re off to see the litter,
The wonderful litter of Os!!”🎼IMG_2769

We spent the night in upstate New York and the next morning headed to Niagara Falls State Park. It was beautiful to see the Falls in the winter.IMG_6553

After taking a walk we drove into Canada and saw the Falls from the Canadian side. IMG_6591

We then drove across Ontario and stopped to see Lake Huron. Aiden was happy to play in the snow! IMG_6663


We then drove to Marshall, Michigan.

On Monday we went to see Julie and meet the “O” litter puppies in person.

3-12-18 O Litter (3)

3-12-18 O Litter (1)

In the afternoon we took Aiden for a long walk on Julie’s beautiful property.IMG_2899

On Tuesday we went back to Julie’s to help her get the puppies ready to take them to the Veterinarian for their wellness check-up. One healthy group of pups!

3-13-18 Iphone5 (15)

3-13-18 Iphone5 (25)

When we got back to Julie’s we let the puppies run around outside with grandmother Inga. IMG_2977

In the evening Andrea came by to see the puppies and then she, Julie, Carl, Jack and I went out to dinner.

On Wednesday we were back to bug Julie and to do some temperament testing with the litter. In the afternoon we helped Julie microchip the puppies.

Wednesday was also Dylan’s 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Dylan. (These pictures were taken just before we left on our trip)IMG_6544


On Thursday we were, of course, back at Julie’s. We enlisted Carl’s help and got some individual and group pictures of the puppies. Here are  the “O” litter puppies at 8 weeks old.

Alta-Tollhaus O’Hearn (Shelby) – Pink collar girl3-15-18 Pink collar girl- OHearn

Alta-Tollhaus O’Zeke (Zeke) – Light Blue collar boy3-15-18 Light Blue collar boy

Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor (Connor) – Blue Camo collar boy3-15-18 Blue camo collar boy-OConnor

Alta-Tollhaus O’Reilly (Reilly) – Green collar boy3-15-18 Green collar boy - OReilly

Alta-Tollhaus O’Wilson (Willie)  –  Green Monkey collar boy3-15-18 Green monkey collar boy

Alta-Tollhaus O’Casey (Mick) – Blue/Orange collar boy3-15-18 Blue-orange collar boy

Lynda with Aiden and Yoyo3-16-18 Aiden, Lynda and Yoyo

Later Matt and Andrea stopped by to visit with the puppies and we all went out to dinner again.

Trying to choose just one puppy out of 5 males (and a lovely female) proved to be much more difficult than we expected. We agonized all week and decided that the Blue Camo collar boy would become the newest member of our family, Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor. We took Aiden and O’Connor for a nice “get to know each other” walk. Aiden was great with his son!

Jack with Alta-Tollhaus Aiden and Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor.3-16-18 Jack, Aiden and OConnor

3-16-18 Aiden and OConnor (2)

3-16-18 (3)

Future herding dog?3-16-18 Aiden and Connor watching the chickens

“I’ll show you how to do this when you are older son”3-16-18 This is how it is done son.


On St. Patrick’s Day it was time for the “O” litter to go home with their new families. In keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme all of the puppies have names with an O’. Each of the puppies was given an Irish bandana to wear made by my friend Shay, of Love n Paws Company.

From left to right: Green monkey, blue/orange, pink, green, blue camo, light blue.


We got to meet two of the families before we had to start our road trip home.

O’Zeke with his new family – Light Blue collar boy3-17-18 O'Zeke - Light Blue collar boy

O’Hearn (Shelby) with her new family – Pink girl3-17-18 Lisa, Bill and AT O'Hearn - Shelby - Pink girl

After we left two more families came to pick up their puppies.

Alta-Tollhaus O’Casey (Mick) with his new family – Blue/Orange collar boy
3-17-18 Blue-Orange collar boy

Alta-Tollhaus O’Wilson (Willie)  with his new family-  Green Monkey collar boy3-17-18 Green Monkey collar boy

On Tuesday O’Reilly –  Green collar boy – went to his new home.3-20-18 Autumn and OReilly - Green collar boy

O’Connor with his mother, YoyoIMG_3303

We left Julie’s on Saturday afternoon. IMG_3345

O’Connor was a champ in the car and we made it to Batavia, NY where we stopped for the night.IMG_3354-2

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon. The boys were happy to get out of the car and run around the garden.


It has been a very busy week getting O’Connor settled in and going back to work. Dylan, Aiden and Lamont have all accepted O’Connor into our pack and O’Connor seems to be adjusting well.


On Tuesday I took Dylan, Aiden and O’Connor for a walk with my mother and the dog she looks after, Honey Bee.3-20-18 (2)

Walking in the woods behind our houseIMG_2759 (2)


Thank you so much Julie for giving us the opportunity to have an Aiden son and for all the time you were willing to spend with us during the week.

Julie, Lynda  and Jack with Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor and Seamus the Leprechaun3-17-18 Julie, Lynda and Jack with AT OConnor

Lynda with O’Connor and AidenIMG_3323

Looking forward to many new adventures with Connor…..IMG_3314