Canis Woofus Family

November 3, 2007

Ammann vom Adlerbach Memorial

Ammann vom Adlerbach, known to his family as Manny, died a hero.

He lost his life  protecting his family and beloved children from a male intruder who broke into his family's home during the night.  Manny did a lot of damage to the criminal before he shot and killed Manny.  Manny's heroic defense gave enough time for the police to arrive.  No harm was done to Manny's family.

Like his father, Narro von der Kine SchH3, he loved children the best.  His first family had some problems and could not keep him so he came back and stayed with a friend until he found the exact right second family for him. This is the family he gave his life for.

Ammann is the full brother of my Ajax.  A friend made a video of Ajax's son, Chip, getting his schutzhund 3 and I chose the music from the movie Robin Hood  "Anything I do----I do it for you" as the background.  Lines say "I'll fight for you, walk the wilds for you, I'll die for you" and Chip's Uncle Ammann did just that. 

Ammann was 7.  

I am so sad he is gone but so glad he lived up to the ultimate job of the noble German Shepherd. 

May he rest in peace with his father, Barb

October 28, 2007

MacHeath’s Birthday


Today is my birthday, and I had to send you a picture

of my present.  It is my FIRST latex toy--I guess they

think I am now old enough to handle it.  It is also

part of my new trick.  Carol told us last Wednesday

that our class assignment for next time is to do a

trick, since it will be Halloween.  So, I am learning

"catch the tarantula!"  Would have sent you a picture

of me doing that, but when I catch it, it is hard to

see it, so you get to see it sitting on our fence.

After all this Carol had better have treats to hand

out--or she will see some of my real tricks.

MacHeath, older but still moving way ahead of the pack
October 28, 2007

Mac’s Birthday

So far he is having a good day.  We just got back from

tracking at Parkland, so he had his liver and his

super canned breakfast.  Later we will go to

Meadowbrook to see if any of the deer are out playing.

Meanwhile, Rafe is also having a good day.  Before we

left I emptied all the crumbs from the matzo box into

their bowls as part of dinner, and when we got back

Rafe had knocked Mac's bowl off the counter so he

could eat Mac's share.  His own bowl is still up

there, waiting for dinner.
October 26, 2007

Canine Good Citizen!!!!!!

Chopper is now a CGC!!!!!!!

Four dogs tested tonight and two passed, us and Macy, a PWD (that has passed 3 times, she just takes it over and over b/c her handler owns the training club).  The untrimmed PWD in the picture is Zeus and he did not pass, but he's just a puppy and he got 5/10.  The fourth dog was also a PWD and she did not pass b/c she was scared of the man that did the stranger test.  Chopper let the man pet her, inspect her, and groom her!  She even stepped out of place and leaned into him.  For the 3 minute leave, I put her in a down-stay and left her with a little boy.  He said "she didn't move a single muscle!".   She got a chicken thigh and is now working on a new rawhide.

Thank you Kim and Julie and whoever else did all the work with this dog!!!

We plan to start training for the pet therapy club in a few weeks.

Jeanne and I with the AKC paper
October 22, 2007

Chopper Pics

Some recent pics of Chopper settling into her new digs....

"Hey, only dogs can sniff butts!"
<img src="">

<img src="">

This is what she gets for being a good girl at the pet store
<img src="">

I can't say the dog's not allowed on the bed when all the cats are on the bed!
<img src="">

This is her favorite cat, Marijke, who she tries to play with a lot (to which the cat rolls over and plays dead or runs away).  She is sharing chewed up bits of pig ear.
<img src="">

"Try it, kitty, and I END YOU!"  (she was not actually going to bite him, the pic came out funny)
<img src="">

I'm pretty sure our neighbors 2 houses down have a parrot on their back porch.  Every day there's this thing screaching and squaking.  It's rather confusing for the dog (and me).
<img src="">

<img src="">

If I mew like a tiny baby kitten, this is the face I get
<img src="">

"Dogs.  puh."...."Sheesh I thought you were my friend.  Whatever."
<img src="">

"Mom is sick and the furnace is broked so we gotta keep her warm."
<img src="">

September 30, 2007

New Mac Story


This morning out at Parkland we were getting ready to

start our track when a van drove up, Lisa (Mac's Home

Companion  teacher) got out, and asked us what was up.

 She was out there to do tracks with her border

collies.  Mac, of course, went over to visit, stood up

on the back feet, and kissed her.  So, her only

question:  "Are you sure you have a GSD?"

Of course, that is exactly what he did yesterday when

he encountered the Trial Chair after he came out of

the ring.  And he did get a lot of comments for being beautiful.