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January 26, 2008

Gabe Games

From Terrence:
I have seen a lot of extraordinarily intelligent behavior in GSDs.  My old Sid was a real problem solver.  But Gabe is pretty amazing.  He has intense ball drive and we play in the house in the evening sometimes.

He taught me this game.

When he doesn't feel like chasing the ball anymore he lays down about 4 or 5 feet away from me (I am also sitting on the floor).  He lays down in a way that his left arm is away from his body (leaning his weight on his right elbow).  He has the ball in his mouth, then he places it on the carpet near or in front of his left paw, and then he knocks it over to me.  I toss it back to him, he catches it, and again, he lays it on the carpet in front of his left paw and knocks it over to me.  I did not train him to do this.  He trained me!   We have played "catch" like this dozens of times.  I have counted as many as 20 repetitions. And it is always the same; he always places it in front of his left paw and knocks it to me (and he is really accurate--only rarely does the ball not go straight to me).

My wife and I were a little startled.  I mean, this is damn near primate behavior.  Anyway it is a lot of fun and he really enjoys it.  So, you sold us a left-handed--I mean--left-pawed dog!

So what is next?  I am concerned.  In a few years, I expect the game to evolve so that HE is the one throwing the ball and I and the one retrieving it!!!!  Maybe he will learn to pat me on the head and praise me when I bring back!

Maybe its something in the water down here--lol


Terence Hartnett
January 23, 2008

Lil’ Kodi – Future Leader Dog



We are the Leader
Dog puppy raisers for your Hoss x Faye Puppy. We named him Kodiak (Kodi), because
as you noticed he looks like a bear! He is doing very well, I teach high school
and he comes to work with me each day. Many of my students complain that he
sleeps too much, since they want to watch him play, rather than do their

He will be the 7th
puppy we have raised for Leader Dog. I have been hoping for a GSD puppy--and
begging Bev and Sam. Boy, was I thrilled to learn we were getting Kodi! Our
first six pups were all Labs, they have all been good dogs, but make him seem
like an angel. All our labs inhaled their food. He actually chews it up and
tastes the food! He lays at my feet when I work at my desk, he has a wonderful


The secretary at my
school, Shirley, always has puppy treats in her desk drawer for the puppies. She
volunteers to "puppy sit" so I can run to the restroom, or make copies during my
prep time. All the pups love Shirley! The Labs were so excited when they tried
to sit for their treat they could hardly sit still. Their tails wagged so hard
against her metal file cabinet, you would think it hurt! Lil' Kodi goes right up
to her chair and sits just as if he were a full grown dog--after the 2nd trip to
her desk. On Friday, I knocked on Shirley's window to let her know he was
coming and dropped the leash, he walked past four or five teachers went right
to Shirley's desk chair and sat! She finished her phone call, and asked him if
he was ready for a treat, told him to "take it nice."  And "wowed" his
audience--they all agree he is a genius!


There are about 10
puppy raisers in the Central Illinois puppy group. This is the second GSD we
have had in the past 5 years. We used to tease the lady who was raising the last
one because he was so relaxed and calm. We would ask her if she had given him
benadryl or dramamine before they arrived for the training days. Most of our
labs are full of energy, especially mine after a three hour car ride. They need
a good 20 minute romp to burn off some of their excess energy, then they are
ready to work. It will be "pay back" time for me at our next meeting! Today at
the grocery store, he was so calm. No one would have believed it was his first
time there. He would lay down while I got whatever I needed off the shelf. Then
I had to encourage him to get up and come with me when I was ready to move on!
One guy said, "He wants to take a nap," He offered to watch him while I
finished--his wife said, "Of course, he may not be here when you come back."
They were ready to take him home and spoil him!


Several people have
asked where we got such a beautiful dog. Do you have a website, or can you tell
me if you want me to give out that information? I didn't want to say until I
checked with you, so I just told them I would have to check with Leader


Thanks so much for
letting us raise your puppy! We are really looking forward to spending this year
with him and watching him grow and learn. 




Marcia and Craig

Leader Dog Puppy

January 21, 2008

What is a True Friend?

It is what I experienced tonight….A true friend is someone who bundles up drives over to your house in a snow squaw, brings her flashlights, tromps through a corn field in twenty degree weather helping you look for your moronic dog who lost himself chasing deer.  Barb Eichman came to me and Eli’s rescue after three of my dogs took off and only two returned.  I was ready to give up for the night but Barb would not hear of it.  She bundled herself up (while on call mind you), and helped me find Eli.  If it had not been for Barb I would have not found him.  She kept me going and pushing me and calling Eli and had the faith we would find him tonight.  Thank you Barb from the bottom of my heart.  Eli and I will be forever grateful……..That is true friendship< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


And the three stooges (mo, larry and curly aka capone, saber and eli)  YOU ROCK BARB

January 15, 2008

In Haus’s Memory

Julie -

The tears just keep flowing...  Last year when the Golden rescue in MN took
in something like 100 puppy mill Goldens I reached out to my puppy list to help
just one of these dogs, with each of us making a small donation to collectively
sponsor one dog for $325.00.  The grand total we raised in less than 30 days was
$2077.97  which included donations from two little girl's piggy bank money.  The whole story is

I just got a note today that Haus is sponsoring another rescue dog in

Tina who sent the donation has had 3 dogs from me, and is a very dear
friend...  She has been there for me through thick and thin and has been most
wonderful with support not only $ but of the heart.  She makes me smile....

Thought I would share this with you, we dearly miss our boy...