Canis Woofus Family

February 15, 2012

X-litter 2 Weeks

X-Litter at two weeks. This is how I know which puppy is which I take a picture from the side showing the color collar. Boys Purple […]
February 15, 2012

WW-Dutch: Tepee Ears!

Those straight ears are now folded over the top of Dutch’s head, with the tips slightly crossed, tepee fashion.  He seems bigger every day, especially when […]
February 14, 2012

Just Heads

X-litter puppy head shots, just random shots, may be duplicates of some puppies and none of others. This puppy lying on top of pink girl looks […]
February 13, 2012

Dylan update

The original diagnosis of infection from Grass Seed Awn is suspect. In October when we had Dylan in for surgery with this vet at an animal hospital off […]