Canis Woofus Family

January 15, 2008

Benched Show?

Has anyone ever done a benched show?  My friend wants me to enter some more rally trials, but it's a benched show and according to the obedience person I just e-mailed, even the rally and ob dogs have to be benched.  It sounds fun as a spectator, miserable if you have a dog.
January 12, 2008

Training Question

Can someone tell me some tips for training dogs to pick up things in their mouths?  My dogs got some new toys from someone else so I got a toy basket to keep them in.  I want to train them how to "put away" the toys and "fetch" certain toys from the basket.  They both like to chew on these toys or play with them, but they won't do anything with their mouths when they know I'm watching or have treats.  They do all these other behaviors to try to earn the treat.  I don't know how to encourage them to bite/mouth the toys for treats.  If I hold a toy and try to put it in their mouths, they turn away like they think it's bad to bite a toy and take it from me.  I'm not sure how to begin.
January 9, 2008



A couple more pictures, just to prove that Bear does

lie down occasionally.  He was a very busy boy for a

couple of hours, clearly having a great time exploring

new things.  You did a marvelous job of getting him

ready to go out in the world!

He was not afraid of anything he encountered this

morning--also did very nice puppy sits (for

freeze-dried liver, of course) and a good front.

Bear is doing beautifully!

I forgot to mention--that puppy is smiling all the time!
January 9, 2008

New Student

This is to introduce Bear, who will be attending the

next Puppy-Kindergarten class.  Today was, I think,

his first day with leash and collar, so he should be

accustomed to both by the time class starts--for now

he thought the collar was itchy.  He is very bright

but has that glint in his eye--just wanted you to


Today he did his first weave pole (only one), walked

up the plank (balanced on the roll of duct tape, so it

was only about an inch off the ground), did his first

teeter (the plank with the duct tape role in the

center of the board), rolled over, and explored all

the spaces between the ring gates and the wall.  He

loved being able to do his puppy hop all across the

ring.  And he is not afraid of anything he met

today--new place, mats, metal noises, me, dried liver,

Bil-Jac treats--he thought everything was fun,

especially banging on the empty water dish in the


Lisa, when you get a chance, please tell Bear's human

how you started Ben on tracking.  This is the perfect

time for it.  Bear already knows how, but he is

finding out that humans are not nearly as smart as he


Wish I could stay here to watch him grow--by spring

break he will be an ugly teenager with a long nose.

But I want it on the record that if for any reason the

human decides that Bear is not the right dog for his

household, I will drive over immediately to get him.

Unfortunately, I don't think that is likely to

happen--the giant paws are already claiming their

territory, and he could not have found a better home.

Have a good class, and keep on reminding the human

students to play--the puppies don't need those


January 7, 2008

Deuce Treats

From Judd:

I have spent the day attempting to come up with the perfect “Deuce Treat”. Oven, Dehydrator and smoker all going at once. The family just loves the stench of liver! This is what I’ve tried so far:< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

  • Oatmeal Liver chip cookies
  • Dehydrated liver and salmon sticks (with garlic and aniseed)
  • Regular beef jerky w/ apples
  • Dried chicken and beef sticks
  • Liver brownies (I believe this will be a winner, just need some more work , tried two batches one with wheat flower one without – Both are too flakey)


January 7, 2008

Thank You


Hi Everyone -

Thank you all for your words of compassion and stories about Haus.  It's never easy for any of us to loose one of our dogs no matter how many we have or how many we have lost.  But it is also very important to remember that part of life is death.  We are born, we live and we die, dog or human.  What's most important is what we do in the in between---that is what defines us...

Where Haus is concerned I know he lived his life to the fullest, he was a great mentor in many respects not only to George and I, but to the testament of what living is all about.   There were more than a few people he touched that had previously been leery of the breed, which included several children who were just so afraid of all dogs but  that learned "it's okay"  through having this big ominous dog rush up to greet them with nothing but love and compassion and pure joy.  Haus truly loved children.  He gave his whole heart and soul to us and for that we miss him and we are sorry for ourselves but we also know we did what was right for him.


Gina & George
January 6, 2008

New Year Updates

I heard from several people from our GSD extended family, here ares some of the new year reports:

I had a really nice phone call from Fred W. , he is doing really well and so his Sole.  Fred adopted Sole (Ky x Mandy) within days of his wife's death.  He wasn't sure it was the right thing to do but his daughter Clara insisted.  Fred had been married for 54 years.  Clara knew a dog wouldn't replace her mother but it would give her father something to take care of.  Clara is a very smart woman. Fred absolutely loves Sole and Sole has completely taken to Fred. 

Below is a picture of Broker (Ghandi x Evita) taken over the Christmas holiday.  Broker is owned by Becky H. in Muskegon.  I really miss the Broker-girl.  She was a handful but it seems those dogs that are less then perfect always mange to be your favorites, why is that? Becky has done a great job with Broker and Broker totally loves Becky.