Canis Woofus Family

May 7, 2012

Y-Litter (pink camo girl) aka Yello Mello

  Week One with Yello    
May 7, 2012

Rock Star! (aka W-Dutch)

We’re back home now, but I wanted to show you some of the terrain that my “little” rock star has scrambled over.  That’s my sister Teri […]
May 6, 2012

Photos and Brags

These are some photos I snapped of Nikon earlier this week after doing obedience. The light was uneven so I was experimenting with shade vs. sunlight. […]
May 6, 2012

Fama the AHBD (Episode 25)

Episode 25 The days spent at Bagram turned into carbon copies of one another. Fama and I were leading a Groundhog Day existence. We would wake […]
May 6, 2012

Zoe at 10 1/2 Weeks

Zoe is a show stopper.. Seriously, I haven’t walked by a single person while on walks with her hasn’t stopped to pet and ask questions about […]
May 5, 2012

Fama, the AHBD (Episode 24)

Episode 24 It worked it’s way down through the grapevine that the Sergeant Major was not happy with SFC Shemp, and had given him quite the […]
May 5, 2012

Fama, the AHBD (Episode 23)

Episode 23 Validation was coming to a close. A decision was made by our Brigade to give the handlers that were showing promise more time to […]
May 5, 2012

King of All Y’s

His elevated outdoor bed has now become his indoor go-to spot. He rules from here!! We purchased the bed from Premier Pet in Southfield. They are not […]
May 4, 2012

Nikon’s movement

While training Nikon for his AD test, I noticed how effortless the GSD movement really is. I mean, I’ve seen a LOT of shows (AKC, UKC, […]