Canis Woofus Family

June 5, 2013

This is how Digger celebrated turning 8 months old

Although he looks like he’s sleeping he is really just totally enjoying getting his kibble out of the Kong… plus my camera is really slow so […]
June 4, 2013

Token has a message for Tobi

“Tell your mom she needs to give you a bigger laundry basket!” I was washing some dog beds and left them in the basket and Token […]
June 3, 2013

Safest place during a storm…..

Who needs the weather channel? We’ve got Kaline! If there are storms coming, he just hangs out in the bathroom, but if the conditions are good […]
June 1, 2013

New BH

June is a better month:  today Alta-Tollhaus Octavian (Rajah) passed his BH. He says the cheese omelet afterwards almost made up for the work, although he […]
June 1, 2013

SERIOUSLY Royal Canin??????

Welllllll……besides the BY-PRODUCTS I reported on last week, NOW I hear about them working on a “Chicken FEATHER” diet!!!!!! Royal Canin is also working on a […]
June 1, 2013

An Amazing Story
May 30, 2013

For best off-road performance, put dog in 4-paw drive!

Kristin and I took our usual Memorial Day Vacation over in Canada where the campgrounds are nearly empty due to the fact their holiday weekend is […]
May 28, 2013

Lake Michigan meets Ember

Aaron and I took Ember to Indiana Dunes on Sunday and she had fun playing in the water. I think its funny that she would bark […]
May 26, 2013

First CPE show

It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago, I went to my first CPE show at Julie’s. Now, I have one of her beautiful puppies. I […]