Negus de Marka

V Negus de Marka IGP3 is a very exciting up-and-coming male, just having turned 2-years of age April 14, 2019. He was shown at 16-months of age at the 2018 BSZS show in Nürnberg Germany, in the Jugendklasse Rüden (12 – 18 month) class placing 9th out of 121 dogs shown!
SV Judge Frank Goldlust.

Negus de Marka (16-months) Individual exam at the 2018 BSZS
Negus de Marka obedience practice at 17 months
Negus de Marka Schutzdienst practice
Negus de Marka 23-months protection training
Negus de Marka apport (retrieve) practice
Negus de Marka 17-months tracking practice
Negus de Marka training the blind search
2018 BSZS show in Nürnberg Germany Jugendklasse Rüden at time stamp 3:09- 3:25 4th dog, is Negus de Marka in this gaiting clip. This video gives you an idea of how crazy the competition is at the German Sieger show.

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  • January 18, 2020 at 5:27 am

    Fantastisk male! Congratulations to breeder and owner

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