Canis Woofus Family

April 13, 2008

Another TD!

April 13, 2008 The Poodle News Network has been pretty quite for a long time due to surgeries on 3 of the major players. Shirley had […]
April 12, 2008

Bauer sends greetings

Hi, Everyone, This is me on my last day of vacation. I had a great time, especially playing with my good friend Jack, who is a […]
April 11, 2008

Jake’s Job

Jake’s “stick pile” or should I say “branch pile.” Max has cleaned up the neighborhood! Many a morning we’ve had to walk down the middle of […]
April 11, 2008


A picture of Cajun from today. I think he’s THE MAN! Such a GREAT BOY! Wendy
April 11, 2008

TT and friend in 19xx?

April 10, 2008


Proof of long dangerous tails: I need help coming up with a better story, something really exciting. Here it is three days later.  This whole process […]
April 10, 2008

Better then a GSD?

From our friend Carole, a picture from her childhood with one of her “pets.” Her parents would not let her have a GSD!??!!!?
April 10, 2008

My First Car Ride

Picture taken with my cell phone. Kayla’s first car ride and first vet visit for her well-puppy vet check.
April 7, 2008


“Brona” from Slovakia Barbara’s new girl. Pictured here at just under 6 weeks. You can already see she is all business!