Canis Woofus Family

July 5, 2011

Sade’s first July 4th celebration

July 4th is a fun holiday. Got to watch the parade this morning and then we watched the turtle derby. Over 100 turtles raced in the […]
July 4, 2011

Heading To Georgia Part II

I headed back to our family home in Georgia for my second visit.  Once again, as soon as we got there I wanted to survey my […]
July 4, 2011

More Chicago Verien Regional Show

More photos from the Chicago Verien Regional show. 12-18 month male class, the class winner and Kapone owned by Al and Karen. 12 -18 month males, […]
July 3, 2011

Cadence meets more people

I took Poo-Key and Cadence for a walk to the local school yesterday evening to play some fetch and run around in a new place. Cadence […]
July 2, 2011

Pool party.. Gone to the dogs!

KitKat, Nina, and Nina’s brother, Charlie. Poo-Key wanting to get into the pool. Cadence on the ramp, about to get into the pool. Cool, now she […]
June 30, 2011

Happy 6 months to the Q litter pups!

I took Odin last night to the vet to get weighed – he is 58 lbs. I am curious what the rest the of litter weighs […]
June 29, 2011

Libby(S Litter) learns not to take Sister Maggie’s stuff

June 28, 2011

Dutch 20 weeks: Formerly Ronnie Blue boy “R”litter

June 27, 2011

Cadence meets new people… And has another battle with the hose!

Candace with some people she INSISTED on seeing when we went for a walk tonight. The little boy and the girl with the black shirt (brother […]