Canis Woofus Family

December 10, 2007

Pictures! Pictures!

From Terence:  Gabriel (Sole son) and his pal Lana, the Basenji:
December 6, 2007


New picture of Haus:
December 6, 2007

Budd W. sent this link

Audio only no video, worth the time:

December 6, 2007

New Baby!

Congratulations to parents Cathy and Steve on the birth of their new son Michael James! And also to the proudest Grandmother ever, Shirley C!

December 5, 2007

Kissing Spot

From Betsy:
Here is my Saschia with the diamond on her head. 
The diamond is where we kissed her good night...
December 5, 2007

They do wake up…

I stole that quote from Betsy as it sums it up quite well. Today the pups are noticing the world around them and interacting with toys, […]
December 3, 2007


December 3, 2007

First Visitor

Faye gives her approval on Betsy as a Mom-in-waiting for one of her handsome sons.
December 1, 2007


ChopChop LOVES the snow!!!  We go for a long walk and when we get back, she runs and runs laps around the yard!  I throw something for her to fetch and when she fetches it, she just keeps on running!!  Usually it's dark, but today we went out earlier (b/c of the winter storm warning) so I could snap some pics.  I bought her this reflective vest and a blinker so the cars can see us.  Pictures......

Throw the squirrel!