Canis Woofus Family

December 8, 2011

Adventures in FLYBALL!

We are on a break from Schutzhund training with our club and no longer tracking because of hunting season, so I decided to pursue flyball as […]
December 6, 2011

Shine Give Share: Merry Christmas from the White House

I got a very special treat today — my friend Tracy invited me to the White House for the annual Christmas Open House, which is where […]
December 5, 2011

To answer Julie’s question…

…of course Dylan has a cat too, Owen!!   …
December 5, 2011

V-litter at 7 Weeks

The V-litter (Rocco x Cadence) has had their well-puppy exam and all passed with flying colors, with the exception of two minor umbilical hernias, all the […]
December 4, 2011

U-Rocking in 80 Degrees Florida

Mom……that’s embarrasing!  Janet is taking my picture…. OK, I’m ready…. And listening…  let me practice with my ears up…   And listening…    And listening…   […]
December 4, 2011

The Littlest Handler

This is from the Working Male class at the BSZS 2011. The dog and boy are from France
December 3, 2011

From Days Past

Beverly and her GSD Duchess The Zeitung from April 1929 Beverly’s Mum and Dad with Duchess
December 2, 2011

Former Lab Beagles See The Sunshine

Boy, this is a tearjerker – I am not ashamed to say I cried like a baby.  Watching these sweet dogs take their first awkward, scared […]
December 1, 2011

A new Christmas Tradition

We have always had a live Christmas tree until last year when I just hated the thought of killing a living tree but I also couldn’t […]