Canis Woofus Family

August 23, 2013

Guardian Angel

August 22, 2013

Birthday Wishes from Fenris

Happy Birthday to Grandmomma Funny and Momma Julie! With love from the fluff monster   PS: If you’re wondering what we’ve been up to, we’ve been […]
August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday from Digger

There’s cake??…I want some cake OK I’ll just eat my fire hose then. Happy Birthday Funny and Momma Julie 🙂
August 21, 2013

Ruki and Taser

Here are a few recent pics of Ruki.  The first was taken by Beth Spanski when Ruki boarded/trained there for a week.  The second is with […]
August 19, 2013

H-Litter…Long Awaited Pix

First my apologizes for taking so long to post pictures.  I normal am posting pictures all along through the whelping process, but Ana did not let […]
August 19, 2013

Pet Fest

This weekend I took Ember to a Pet Fest at the Humane Society of Elkhart County. There were many games and events to enjoy and Ember […]
August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to the O and C2 kids!

Chica was talking to O’Raj (Alta-Tollhaus Octavian) the other day and she discovered that they share the same birthday. Chica wishes her sibs a very happy […]
August 17, 2013

H-Litter Arriving on Tiffany’s Birthday!

H-Litter Mattis x Ana pups are arriving.  No time to do pictures as they are coming very quickly. So far 4 girls and 1 boy girl […]
August 14, 2013

Fun Dog Show

Tiffany entered Angel (from Mos’s Newfoundland Fore-leg anomaly study) and her son Leonadis (love that name! my son-in-law came up with it) in a Fun pet […]