Canis Woofus Family

March 26, 2008

Security Training (lots of pictures!)

Kodiak had a fun and productive training week–with two great outings. He went to a local middle school on Tuesday, to participate in their Health Fair. […]
March 26, 2008

Lovey (Lots of pics!!)

LOTS of pictures below...

Chopper loves marrow bones

Here's hoping we finish the RN this weekend!
March 14, 2008

Da Boys Up North Part 2

Probably the last snow pictures (hopefully) for the 2007-2008 Winter.  Enjoy!

Pretty boy Kirsch (Hoss x Zucca):
March 14, 2008

Harley Home on the Ranch

April’s son Boomer is home for a visit with his dog Harley.  Harley decided to recreate this photo similar to one taken a few years ago […]
March 5, 2008

Signs of Spring

A sure sign of Spring...wet muddy dogs!

March 3, 2008


From Terri:

I was walking Jake this morning.  I did a sort of Jay walk at Shiawassee and Jenison.

Great, here comes a cop. Slams on his brakes. I'm thinking "oh boy, here comes a lecture or a 


He says, "That's a handsome shepherd you've got there! I'm a K-9 handler so I have a special affinity for GSDs."

Made my day of course!

March 3, 2008

Some new photos

I like the new website!  Here are some recent photos of my beasts....

Snow storm
March 3, 2008

Open Carefully – Bear!

Bear only lets me play for short times before he calls me in now that he is the
boss (he thinks).
I am told to step it up to keep up with him.  What a pup! He
weight was 39.2lbs few days ago at the vets - increasing the food
again! Never
seen anything like it ....everyone asks me about  Bear.
February 27, 2008


We've had a couple firsts at our house.  A week ago Saturday Kaline
lifted his leg for the first time.  We were very proud!  On a less good note, he
took off on his very first field trip this past weekend.  Everybody was out for
a walk... just like every other day.... only this time Kaline took off after
some deer.  Bad dog.  Craig got everybody else in the pen -- and started out in
the direction Kaline had gone.... within minutes Kaline came running back for
all he was worth.  He ran right passed Craig -- and all the way up to the house.
 I think if he could have turned the door knob he would have been in the
kitchen.  I don't know what happened on that first experience -- but I think it
was bad.... which is good.  Perhaps a deer stopped and turned to look at him...
because as we know, Kaline tries to sound tough -- but he really isn't.... or it
could be that all of a sudden he turned around and realized he was all by
himself.  At any rate, he has not made any attempt to leave the comfort of the
pack on walks since then -- so we think that is a very good thing.

Craig and Laura