Canis Woofus Family

September 29, 2007

New Title Story

Forgot to tell you the best detail from one show.

That time Mac forged more than usual on heeling, sat

out ahead of me, and, on the recall, came charging in,

barked, flew around me for the finish, etc.  At the

end Nancy Withers just looked at me, total deadpan,

and said, "Next time you need to get a dog with more

September 19, 2007

Protection Dog?

John decided this morning that Mac would have made a

good protection dog--don't know about that, but I

think he would love the sleeve.  His life has

certainly changed since you started us on the tugs.

And I just had two more rounds about getting on the

counter, since the last note.
September 19, 2007

Counter-surfing for toys

Mac and Rafe are definitely interested in the toys

today.  Mac has been over standing up on the counter

multiple times.  And just before I left for exercise

class I had another round with Rafik, who had taken

one of the tugs again.  He just wants to shred them.

Does that count as excitement?
September 1, 2007


We are having fun.  Mac is a lunatic--so we are

working on making him understand that the tug comes

out when I want it, not when he decides to run to the

gate to look at the bag with the toys in it.  And not

when he does his little Schutzhund bark/whine routine.

He has no idea what to do with the big tug toys--I

bounced one around in the kitchen and he tentatively

tried it, but then went back to leaping and jumping,

so we have to keep playing around.
August 31, 2007

On the Road

Wish you could have seen him with Tariat--he is just

very quietly confident.  And he knew enough to decide

that he did not want to greet the gander (Smith, of

the goose defense team Smith and Wesson).

So far he is charming everyone, including children who

are terrified of dogs.

July 23, 2007

Living Large

Deuce was living large yesterday. He does get a whole lot of attention from people when we go walking! His latest trick is to steal the cap on the base of the toilet and "run for the hills" He has also found his way up stairs to the girl’s bedrooms. The girls just love that, especially when he has his way with their stuffed animals!  He also went actually swimming yesterday. He won't jump off the dock, but he will come to me and I set him in and he paddles his way back to shore and runs back so I can set him back in.

July 19, 2007

Temperament Test

Last night at class Mac had a real test.  We were

doing Open out-of-sight downs, and the fox terrier

next to him broke and evidently went right over to him

and jumped on his back.  Mackie has been dying to play

with this dog since class started, but he was a rock.

Everyone is very impressed with him (even if he does

still anticipate the recalls and retrieves). 

Thank you for the great temperament!
July 11, 2007

Good News – Bad News

Good, Deuce is doing great. We just love him to death. He is walking so well now! I built him a wobble table and he just loves it! I’m just using a tennis ball at this point. He’s been on the Boat and Jet Ski, I do need to get him enrolled in a Boaters safety class though. He seems to drive angry at times! I did take him to a Vet on Saturday. He sounded congested so I took him to Dr. Sayles in Brooklyn. I really like her and I guess she was a student of Mos’s in the late nineties. Anyway, Deuce was absolutely fine, overly concerned Dad!

Bad, I will not be able to attend class this evening nor Friday (Friday’s a long shot???) I will be in Livingston until late this evening and Kim and the girls are going to Traverse CityFriday morning and abandoning Deuce and I.

I know, I know, classes will be incredibly boring without me and Super Deuce! We need to share ourselves with the world.

Thanks you again for Deuce. He is so totally wonderful and truly he helps offset the estrogen level in my house! I will do my best for Friday!

July 3, 2007

Deuce My Boy!

We had our family reunion on Saturday and Deuce was the star! Two Golden’s, one Lab and a GSD/Rott mix ranging from 4 months to one year and Deuce was the best behaved. Everyone wanted to know where we took him for training! Of course most live on the far-east side of