Canis Woofus Family

February 19, 2008


 "Girlie"  is Allie's most favorite of all of her nicknames. Casual pictures taken this evening.

February 17, 2008

Kodiak’s First Puppy Outing

Just wanted to tell you about Kodiak’s first puppy outing in Springfield, IL. We visited the Mill Creek Alzheimer Center, the residents really enjoyed petting the […]
February 10, 2008


Hehe, my little diva princess is quite the smart aleck!

February 8, 2008

Mack Attack

Now you all can get a small idea of what Ann has to live with!

This is her Mack in action, a Narro x Dastra son.

I really do like Ann....

February 7, 2008


Well two weeks in a row our training was canceled b/c of weather so we made
a new video instead:



February 7, 2008

Ears are Up!

All of a sudden Kodi's ears are up nearly all the time. He
is more playful now--either he is more comfortable around all the students, or
just starting to build up his self-confidence. They really enjoy getting to play
with him at the end of class--he is a great student motivator! I have found
that puppys bring out the smiles for many of my special ed students who are kind
of shy around their peers. Kodi is no exception!


I will send more pictures soon!


Marcia and FLD (Future Leader Dog)  Kodi
February 6, 2008

Rafe at Class

You should have seen Rafe at class tonight.  One of

the beagles he had not met was there, and we

introduced them.  I made Rafe stay down, so he was

crawling and stretching to get over there to kiss the

new dog.  And after his work he was playing goalie

with everybody in class.  I need to go back and do

some remedial finishes--on the "around" he visits

before he finally gets around, and on the swing he now

turns and sits sideways so he can get the treat faster

(he thinks--didn't quite work out that way, after

which he started to remember how to do it).
February 4, 2008

Cajun Country

I want to let you know how Cajun's doing! He's the BEST!! But I think you knew
that already! :o)

Cajun is Jerry's constant companion! Mine when I'm home. You should hear him
tell me all about it when I first get home from a project! He tells me that
Jerry's had his cigar smokin' buddies over here to play cards, sit by the fire
pit and also tells me that his "Daddy" includes him in all of this! LOL!

Cajun's totally

February 3, 2008

Kodi at 3 months