June 20, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus Lille

Want to see it again? Notice her full-calm grip! 😉
June 20, 2010

Misc. L’s at 4 weeks

Kayla/X-Box L kids. Overnight they became mini-GSDs. How does that happen?! Louie: Leonora: Lex: Larisa: While “the others” were napping, Lille and I were doing something […]
June 14, 2010

L is for Wonder Pups!

Kayla/X-Box L Litter, 3 wks, 2 days old: I gave the pups some toys today. Much to my amazement, Larisa picked up the toy with interest […]
June 14, 2010

On The Floor Like Dogs!

Our Kayla/X-Box L’s are three weeks and 2 days old. They have already decided that whelping boxes are for babies! Lex: Louie: Leonora: Larisa:  (It isn’t […]
June 12, 2010

Lex and Louie…

Our Kayla/X-Box pups are three weeks old today. Yes, Ron, that means that more puppy pix will be posted to the blog! Louie—stop playing in your […]
June 9, 2010

L-Litter at 2.5 weeks

L Litter—Kayla/X-Box   Mug Shots at 2.5 weeks. Lex: Louie: Leonora: Larisa: Lille:
June 7, 2010

Some of the L-Pups

Larisa: Lex & Louie: Larisa practicing her gator moves: Louie & Larisa:
June 7, 2010

Louie – In Trouble Again!

This is Lenora, Lex, Larisa, and Lille at the milk bar: Louie decided to complain to Kayla that there was not enough room at the bar: […]
May 24, 2010

Two Days Old

Yes, I intend to drive everyone crazy with pup pix! I am making up for lost time on the blog. Can’t do much besides lie in […]