Jacksen vom La’ Mirage

I am proud to introduce Jacksen vom La’Mirage to the LDT blog readers.  Jacksen, not a well-known dog….yet…2020 will be the year GSD fanciers will be buzzing about this exciting young male as he becomes more and more known.

Jacksen has a correct well-laid back shoulder and upper arm, high whither, good bone, big masculine head, correct angulation, strong back, super hair, great temperament, A-Normal Hips and A-Normal Elbows.  Jacksen has earned his IGP1 and KKL.  He is currently in training for his IGP 2 and 3 and will be shown in Germany and the World-sieger show. He is currently with Team Aurelius near Munich Germany.

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Jacksen vom La'Mirage

BSZS VA Vaiko vom Suentelstein IP03 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows
Sire to Jacksen vom La’Mirage
V Laila vom Schollweiher IPO1 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows, litter sister to BSZS VA Labo vom Schollweiher IPO3 KKL LBZ A-Normal Hips + Elbows

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