Just for fun…

I like to think of new ways to distract the dogs while working. No big deal for Winston and excellent for Syd who was not one bit reactive. She kept a smile on her face the entire time.

Like mother, like daughter – both very determined:

Send Out!!!

I’m not certain who has more fun with this game – Syd or Barb.¬† ūüôā¬† Speaking of fun—you should see Syd heel backwards! It just doesn’t translate in pictures.

Thanksgiving Puppies

The first boy and girl form the W Litter (Gavin – Kira) were born on the 23rd:

The remainder  of the pups came into this world on Thanksgiving day.  There are 4 boys and 2 girls, they are big, strong, healthy, and very beautiful. The puppies were so large that it was a very long and difficult whelping. Only because  Kira is strong and robust, was she able to have these pups without a c-section.  She is amazing.   I have so much to be thankful for: Mos and Tiffany, great friends, super dogs, and now 6 little (big) babies.


Below is a link to a picture you may not want to look at.  Karen is holding a 24 ounce puppy next to the third puppy ,a boy, who died during delivery because it took too long.  You can see why it took so long for her to deliver this puppy. I have been going over in my mind what I did that resulted in the pups growing so big.


Fresh From the Oven

LOOOONNNNNGGGGG day. Kira’s temperature finally dropped today, which indicates delivery will be within 24 hours, I was hoping for sooner then 24 hours. Monica came over and as we are hanging out staring at Kira. I kept saying “you stink.” Monica kept thinking I was talking about her. Kira was giving off this awful-rotten smell. We are thinking things like dead-rotten puppies, etc., etc. After talking to Judy, a breeder friend, she suggested we figure out just where the smell was coming from….duh. So Monica and I stuck our noses to Kira and smelled her from head to tail. Apparently she had rolled in something stinky during one of her late night potty breaks and had some very odoriffic -grimy spots on her. We tried to spot clean her however this was ineffective. So she was lifted into the tub for a full bath. She was NOT happy about getting bathed…normally Kira likes her baths. Sorry Kira. But things are much nicer for our noses now.

Pre-puppy birth’in picture as requested by Lily and Kirsten:
Fresh from the oven, first born, a boy, weighing in at 24 ounces. Delivered by Ms. Monica.

Kira settling in with her dish of Breyers French Vanilla ice cream. For us….pizza is on the way.