W-Litter Need Names

The W-litter is going to be 6 weeks old tomorrow!  They are too old and I am having a puppy crisis I am not ready to let them go in two weeks!  OK the secret is out at 6 weeks I always panic like this.  I think there is no possible way these babies can leave in a mere two weeks. Further crisis we have no name ideas!  I stand corrected, I have one name idea from Charlene and that is “Wicked.”  But I need more, please give me your suggestions.   We are looking for names that start with W for their registered names, their call name can be anything the owners want.

Thank you in advance!

Update on the W-litter pups.  They are eating kibble straight-up, they are fat and chubby.  For those of you I am always after because your dogs are fat do not take this as permission to have fat dogs!  they can only be fat and chubby for the first three months of their lives. The pups continue to be precocious in their development, they all do their business in their litter and keep their eating, sleeping area clean.  They make several trips outside daily, duration depends on the the outside temperature. They love balls and baby kongs already and they know how to bite toes really, really hard.  Stiff jeans does not inhibit their biting ability.  Dark green boy has a full hard bite already, he is a monster. Pictures soon, I promise.

Beard Envy

These are all the pictures you will get for the next week of the W-litter as I am in Germany. I took these Friday right before I left. The pups had visitors and I was too busy talking and only took a few photos. I am so sorry W-litter people. I will have to make it up to you. Puppies are being cared for by Caitlyn who has helped me with the dogs for many years now she is super good about spending time with the puppies. Also, Tiffany will be at the house for at least 3 of the days I am gone. Perhaps I can get Tiffany to get some pictures for us???  I want more pictures as I am also having puppy withdrawals. The two girls are full of piss-n-vinegar as you can see from this the attitude this Red collar-girl is putting out.  LOVE IT!
Could it be? Is it?  Possibly, Santa Claus? No he is too thin, it’s Mike, but we sure like his beard.  Mike do you remember which two male pups these were?

Last Sunday’s Training Session

Warning. You might think you recognize the people in these photos, but you do not. This is not that guy you call Gustavo. We have not seen a Gustavo.  We were all at church when that Gustavo guy went missing. That is our story and WE are sticking with it.

Special thanks to Scarlett and Michael for taking such great pictures for us!

















Other than Kayla and Garbo, these dogs have never done bitework before. Oh, and don’t bother asking Scarlett or Michael about that Gustavo guy—they don’t know him either!