Nikon (Alta-Tollhaus Bono) earned his NAFA Flyball Dog Champion title (along with the two titles below it) last weekend in Davisburg, MI. This was his first NAFA tournament. He did really well and we got a lot of compliments. He stands out for his size (even though he’s only 75lbs) and was the only GSD in the tournament. One person on a world record team complimented his technique and my handling. He thinks he’s a lot better/faster than he is but that’s the most important thing, right? He just loves to race!

Passed out at the hotel

Guarding the door!

Doggie pacifier

Nikon’s latest flyball video. The “box cam” angle at the end is kind of cool. We’re working on his stride between the last jump and the box, hence the giant cavalettis.

You Want ME to Wear WHAT???


“I don’t need no stinkin’ glasses!”


“Oh hey, Auntie Barb, you were right. These glasses do help tone down all of that bright sun!”


“WTH?” “When Auntie Barb came out with this thing she was shaking it. I got all excited thinking that it was a feathered bite rag. Even got a chance to rip off a few feathers before I realized that I had to WEAR it. Please don’t show this to Uncle Gustavo.”

“Momma Julie, I am having fun at Camp Kayla but it is a rather odd group.”  😉

Cover Girl Sydney

The gorgeous P-litter makes the SV Zeitung December 2012 issue! Prada, aka as Sydney as in Barb’s Sydney, is the cover girl, and again on the inside cover with sister Paris.
Here are the actual photos
….and look what I found, this beautiful picture of Maika, she was playing with the P-litter the day I took these pictures. She so often took over as “mother” to the litters once they had been weaned.

I have been avoiding looking at pictures of Allie and Maika, but this one was right there with the pictures of the P-litter.