The ultimate exercise toy for an Alta-Tollhaus dog!

Click here to see Dutch in action!

Dutch is still sleeping after our day of afternoon fun outside with this gigantic Jolly Ball!  Within the first hour, he had already figured out how to control the movement of the ball, even rolling it uphill toward our house.  What a great time he had – he is such an athletic dog.  Now, he is simply dog-tired!

Alta-Tollhaus “Jack”

I received a very nice email from Lisa Huczek that I’m sharing with you. Jack is the litter mate of Bailey & Nikon:
Happy New year! Thought you should know, my little girl loves seeing all those great photos of little Chica! Our personal favorite is her cooking her Thanksgiving Squirrel- hilarious:-).  There’s  never a shortage of entertainment and enjoyment!

A few photos to share with the A-T family of “Jack”, our 4-year old male (Kira x Marcus).  No titles here-  just a wonderful, loving, mischievous and much adored member of our family. He keeps us laughing and smiling even on the of worst of days. 🙂

We would love to hear/see photos of any of his litter mates out there….

Jack lives in Ann Arbor with his family; loves swimming, vanilla ice cream cones and going to the Farm to hang out with BFF/girlfriend “Gracie” down road (another AT dog).

Lisa Huczek

out for a Summer walk
Out for a Summer Walk

Me and my girl
Me and My Girl

Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer

_Did you just say bye-bye_
“Did you just say, Bye-bye?”

A Winter Hike
A Winter Hike

Jack and his Sissie
Jack and his Sissie