You’d better mind your P & Q!

Prada (Sydney) and Quantas (Grizzly) started puppy class on Saturday, along with a Golden-Doodle pup. Although, I’m not quite certain about the “golden” part.

The P & Q were at times little monsters with each other, but both were very gentle with the doodle. Perhaps they thought he was a little lamb?

“Come on, little cousin, sit close to me.”  “I am NOT her squeaky toy!”

“She’s still watching me!”

“Who me? I’m just having a little fun with The Kid!”

Syndey and Grizzly are great little pups. They both have that “let me at it—I can do it” attitude.

Paris aka “Ava”

From Lottie and Alta-Tollhaus Paris (Cuervo – Kira)

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Everything is going well. I can’t tell you how full of love and devotion this puppy is. OUTSTANDING!!!! She is very bold and confident!! Love her out going personality, ready for adventure. We have named her “AVA”. The one of her upside down is after coming home from puppy class! She slept like that for about an hour. She did excellent at class. She knows her sit and down like a pro and is very focused on me, even with all the distractions at the class.


puppy  feb 2011 001
puppy  feb 2011 002