Julie, I hope seeing photos and knowing you and your girls have made so many people happy gives you some comfort.   They really do live on in their pups.


Libby is Allie’s daughter from the S litter.  Puzzles are her thing.  She is my cuddle bug, walking partner and confidant (she also plays a mean Chukkit).  She knows when I’m having a bad day if I need a laugh or her head in my lap for comfort.  Thankyou Allie and Julie for my precious Libby.


Alta-Tollhaus Ziva-protege of Libby.  Kira and Funny grand daughter.  She is is never far from her people, loves to flirt and is a quick learner.

Continuing the Alta-Tollhaus tradition as water dogs.


Willa Obedience Training 07/29/2012

Alta-Tollhause Willa (W litter, Gavin x Kira) doing some great obedience work at Gustavo’s. Willa is so much fun to spend time with and she is an absolutely gorgeous GSD.

Keep focusing…
Ball ball ball ball ball ball!
Why did you drop my ball, mom?
Check out my backside!
Recall… running back to mama Julie.
Yep… I’m a looker.

I was still practicing with my new lens, and had a setting on my camera completely wrong so some of the shots are blurry. Oops. I’ll do better next time!

Alta-Tollhaus beach babes!

Since it’s the “dog days” of summer, what could be better than the Alta-Tollhaus Swimsuit Edition? Minus the swimsuits…

Willa (background) and Pala (foreground) testing out the water.
Willa chasing Pala. They were doing this so the opening of their new TV show can have the beach babes running in slow motion.
The two babes cooling off at the edge of the water. (Willa left, Pala right)
Willa diving in for her solo close up.
Willa doing a lap to cool down.
Willa doing her slo-mo exit from the water and shaking off.
Looks like we have an intruder on the set. Pala is reunited for the first time with her son Brody (Alta-Tollhaus Broderick ”Brody” B-litter Dux x Pala) since he was separated from her.
…and the chase is on. Wait up mom!
Willa joins in on the fun.
The girls heading back to their trailer until the next crew call. Brody was given autographed photos then removed from the set.