Nikon Wishes the Rest of the B-Litter Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, B-litter! Nikon (Alta-Tollhaus Bono) will share some of what he’s been up to lately, going backwards….

Our summer started rough (I was sick, then had Shingles, my Grandpa who was very special to me passed away unexpectedly, my younger cousin was in the hospital over a week), but we had a blast at the UKC Premier, Berlin Fair dock diving, U-FLI Nationals, and our annual cottage time. I just bought Nikon’s photos from nationals and will share them once the disc arrives.

Nik on the couch today. Lately he’s been really into Nylabones, which is fine, but he tends to drool a lot. Banning him from the couch? No way, he’s my boy, he earned it! Instead we just cover with some old blankets and dog beds.

Nikon outside yesterday. He’s a pretty happy guy! He’s now got one white whisker on each side.

At the cottage in August. I like this stack but hate the distracting background and the color is off. Nikon is a really rich, dark red. He looks kind of washed out here.

I can’t decide whether lure coursing, dock diving, or playing two-ball with his Gappay balls would be his favorite activity…

Nikon and Indy, my 27lb pit mix I got in May

At the cottage, wanting to go dock diving

Dock diving (for real) at the Berlin Fair in July. 9 year old Kylie was Nikon’s junior handler.

I’m not allowing dogs in this chair and have been using aluminum foil to train them to stay off. Nikon took advantage while I was changing the foil!

Indy can be a big pest, but Nikon is happy to have someone who will tug with him. Sometimes they tug for 5+ minutes straight before either one gives up. The blue jolly ball is now 1/8 size because they keep tugging it in half.

The jolly ball before Indy got hold of it (Nikon did a good job of crushing it himself)

New Nieces and Nephews for Kira’s B-litter

Happy Birthday B-litter (Markus von Status Quo x Quellie vom Kirschental “Kira” ) September 7th 5-years old! Alta-Tollhaus Bailey spent her 5th birthday whelping puppies. She has 3 girls and 4 boys the I-litter. Bailey’s pups are sired by Schumann von Tronje “Schumi”, this is his first litter in the USA. It was a late night whelping, thank you so much Tiffany for giving up a night’s sleep to help out!!!


These puppies are super strong and active. They were getting up and moving on all four feet, no crawling around for these muscular puppies. Tiffany and I decided these pups must have been doing calisthenics in utero. This is the “I” litter (Schumann x Bailey), going to need some help with names!