Camp Kayla Crew Takes On O’Town!

Big shout-out to Barb & Syd and Susan & Winston for the excellent work performed today at the Orlando trial.

Barb & Syd – Beginner Novice, 1st Leg, 1st Place:

Susan & Winston – Beginner Novice, 1st Leg, 2nd Place:

There were 5 dogs in their class. The judge was James J. Ham, from MI. If you ever have an opportunity to trial under Mr. Ham, please do so! Very pleasant person and a good judge.

Susan & Winston – Rally Novice, 1st Leg, 1st Place:

Barb & Syd – Rally Novice, 1st Leg, 2nd Place:

Since Barb & Susan were over at the obedience ring, they missed the walk-through and judge’s instructions for the rally course. As the matter of fact, they had just enough time to arrive at the Rally ring for their class, and Barb was the first one in the ring. There were 5 entered, I think just 4 trialed, and only Susan & Barb qualified.  Woot, woot, woot!!!


Roman’s new friends


Roman has had a super busy week. Last Sat we had an obedience and rally trial. Rally advanced, didn’t go so well. We got into the ring, he sat, I told him “Fuss” and he immediately bolted around the ring and ran out. Ugh. His next rally leg was perfect. I lost a few points for missing a “halt, but Roman nailed everything and took 2nd. If I wouldn’t have missed the halt, he would have beaten that darn poodle. His novice obedience went really great, too. All errors were on my part. One day I’ll learn my left from my right. We then went to Hocking Hills for a long weekend of hiking. I’ll post pics later. Then, upon our return home, I picked up 8 chicks. This is my first venture into chickens. They’re for eggs only 🙂 Roman doesn’t seem to mind them. He sticks his big nose into the brooder, snorts, then backs up. They’re so darn cute! If anyone has any chicken advice, I’d love to hear it 🙂

Look who’s 4 yrs old today!!!


Roman and the F litter!!! This pic was taken awhile ago, but it shows Roman in all of his handsomeness and his flame collar. I can hardly believe he’s 4 already. It seems like just yesterday we went to pick him up. But, it also feels like he’s been with me forever. I can’t remember what life was like pre-Roman. Thanks, Julie, for being so great at what you do!!! Big kisses to the F litter, wherever they may be 🙂

Not Even Kidding

Remember Rita and Roman (Kira son)?  The Rita that is “Ms.Buff”,  runs triathlons and teaches a zillion exercise classes a week?  Yes that Rita.  She just sent me the cutest email that I want to share, I am pretty sure she won’t mind:

I had a lady in class ask me how I get such defined arms and I told her, that’s easy…all you have to do is get a 100lb german shepherd and play tug every day. Not even kidding. Roman is great for building upper body strength 😉

Another cute story. Gustavo is on vacation but I have breed surveys coming up for several dogs so I have to go work the dogs with someone else while he is away. Anyway the last dog we worked was Gavin, we finished up and let him carry the sleeve around while we chatted. As Gavin was parading the sleeve around, we headed up to our vans, Gavin heads to the back of my van with the sleeve, but then turns around and goes to the back of the helpers van and very nicely and politely deposits the sleeve at the back gate of his van. And in Rita’s words “not even kidding!” It was the cutest thing. It was like oops this belongs to you and thanks for playing with me!