W-Dutch Gets A Visit From Camp Kayla

Yes, Camp Kayla makes house calls! Sometimes it is better to visit the victim, eh student in his own environment.


It became too late in the day when I realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures! The Florida Aunties would have a fit if I went home without Dutch pix and Julie would kill me. Well—she’d at least fire me. Julie still might fire me because I didn’t think to bring along my good flash. What was I thinking?!


Beverly has done a great job with Dutch. She can maintain his focus most of the time and now that I’ve given her a few tricks out of my magic bag, her goal is to maintain his focus whenever she asks.


What’s there to say about Dutch? He has an excellent temperament, is extremely intelligent and has the potential to become a rock star. Oh yeah—and he looks like Kira, which always scores high in my book. Beverly, if you ever decide that you cannot keep Dutch, or that he is toooooo much for you, I will be first in line to take him off your hands.

Thank you for allowing me to work with Dutch today. It was a pure pleasure.

By the way—for all of you wondering: these pix were taken AFTER I worked Dutch. So yes, he survived my wicked ways.  😉