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February 10th, 2018 by Lynda

Aiden and Gretta at an Agility Trial

Today Aiden was entered in just one day of the Teamwork Agility Club of Central Massachusetts Agility Trial in Westborough. I have to work tomorrow so we just drove up for the trial today. We left home at 5:00am this morning to get there with time to set up Aiden’s crate and get organized.

In Masters Standard Preferred Aiden was having a good run but was not waiting on any of the contact obstacles. When he got ahead for me at the seesaw and did not wait it caused me to not be able to get the front cross in that I had planned. That put me on the wrong side of the jump and sent Aiden to an off-course jump.

Roberta and Aiden’s cousin Gretta were here at their very first agility trial. Gretta is Alta-Tollhaus Ygrette (“Y” litter, Hunter/Judy). I believe Gretta is a litter sister to Aria in the previous post on herding. I took a video of their Novice Standard run. Gretta had a little trouble at the weaves and unfortunately did not qualify but it was a super run especially considering this was their first trial and it is a very noisy venue.

Before our next classes we took Gretta and Aiden outside for a little play time.


IMG_2650 (2)

IMG_2652 (2)

IMG_2642 (2)

Alta-Tollhaus Aiden and Alta-Tollhaus Ygrette


Aiden’s next class was Premier JWW Preferred. There were several tricky backside jumps and a tough weave pole entry. Aiden qualified in 1st place.

Next up was Masters JWW. Aiden didn’t quite seem to be himself. He was a bit off-color and looked like he lost a lot of weight. Suddenly he had a “start line stay” and was not Mr. Barky.

Just kidding of course…this is my friend Lori’s Border Collie Fury. Lori was not feeling well and asked me to run Fury for her. Unfortunately Fury did not qualify as he went off course into the tunnel.

The last class of the day for the real Aiden was Masters JWW Preferred. Aiden had a super run and he did not fall for the tunnel trap. He qualified in 1st place and earned 23 PACH points.

IMG_2678 (2)




February 8th, 2018 by Julie K.

Update for Aria!


AHBA ( American Herding Breed Association) trial today. Aria entered on three different courses. First was HTAD-1 (herding trial arena dog). She was tight on her gather and was a little pushy on most of the course. She got an 83.5 out of 90, awarded 3rd place and earned her HTAD-1 title. Next was HRD-1 (herding ranch dog). This course involves getting sheep out of pens, sorting, repenning, putting sheep through tight chutes and trailering. She did everything flawlessly. Thought she would get first place. She scored 86.5 out of 90. Only good enough for 5th place as four other dogs tied with scores of 88. Only 1.5 points out but a good solid performance earning her the title of HRD-1. Finally we did the HTD-1 (herding trial dog) course. This course is out in a big field so no fences and dog needs to control sheep and not lose them. Aria has been having trouble going to the left on her out run to gather so I set her up to go right as she is wide and gathers better in that direction. As soon as I gave her the command to go gather she flipped and went to the left like it was her normal thing to do. I was surprised but did not stop her as that would cost me points. She had a little bobble at the second set of panels but finished the course. She scored an 86.5 out of 90 and got first place. The judge talked to me afterwards and during the award ceremony said ” I hope you all watched this run. Not just because Rich is an instructor here but to see what a good dog with a good handler can do.” So three new titles for Aria HTD-1, HRD-1 and HTAD-1.


In Arizona we did an

AKC trial. Aria qualified on all her runs. Completed a title on started A course sheep and moved up and earned

her first intermediate leg on A course. Also got two started A course legs on geese. Last Friday she ran an

AHBA level two ranch course and qualified. Saturday and Sunday it was back to AKC. She qualified twice on started A course ducks for two legs and once more in intermediate A course sheep. In a couple of weeks she will run in ASCA for the first time on ducks and sheep and hope to finish at least two titles and if we are lucky four. May have to send multiple emails to send all photos. Where are you posting the photos? Will keep you up to date as Aria moves on. More AKC and AHBA trials coming here and Arizona in the next couple of months.

DSC_9261 DSC_9264 DSC_9291 DSC_9293 DSC_9298


Newest update:

Trailing has been tough. Aria has been perfect at practice and a handful at trials. Several time I have just called our run and left the arena. She starts going after the stock and doesn’t follow or listen to any commands. She has however managed to have finished the intermediate A course title on sheep in AKC. Also in AKC she has finished one leg in excellent A sheep, started B course one leg on sheep and two legs on started A cattle (three legs required to title). In AHBA she has titled on Herding Ranch Dog II on sheep and earned one leg on Herding Trial Dog I (two legs required to title).

Now on to this weekend. Went to Arizona for an ASCA (Aussie) trial.The first run was on started cattle and Aria just took off after the cows and split them up. Got them back together but again she refused to follow commands. We just went through the course and did not qualify. The judge later commented that we should have tried to complete each obstacle more. I knew this but when my dog just blows me off they do not get to play and I take them off the field. Next was open (level II) on sheep. After a brief talk with Aria prior to the run she settled and did a nice run with a second place finish. The judge commented that he loved the way that when I turned my back to close the pen gate that Aria was making very small subtle movements to keep the sheep in the pen on her own. Next was started geese. Again she listened and earned a first place. Next day started cows again. She was calm and did great and earned first place. Next was moving up in class to Open geese and she finished third. Again on to open sheep and another second place. Sunday was second place on cattle, first place on geese, and moving to Advanced sheep she was perfect having the high score in trial but was a tie and fell to second on tie breaker. In all had one third, four second, three first, high score cattle other breed (non aussie) twice, high score other breed geese once, high score other breed sheep once, high in trial other breed once,  high combined other breed twice. Result in the end was four titles. Was a good weekend.


DSC_9291 DSC_9297 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0031

January 18th, 2018 by Julie K.

7 months old – Mika

Mika at her training class. We’ve been doing the name game since day one and this is the result. Total focus!


mika training

January 15th, 2018 by Lynda

Aiden at the MCKC Agility Trial.

This past weekend Aiden was entered in the Middlesex County Kennel Club Agility Trial in Amherst, NH. Jack was once again able to come with me and Aiden. We drove up to NH on Friday afternoon. It normally takes about 2.5 hours or so to get there but it being a holiday weekend, and with rain and fog, it took us over 5.5 hours.

On Saturday morning it was 57 degrees as we headed out to the trial.

Aiden’s first class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. Even though it was his first run of the weekend he had a beautiful run but unfortunately knocked one bar eliminating the possibility of a Double Q.

The second class of the day was Masters FAST Preferred. Aiden had an AWFUL run, crashed the first jump, did not wait on the seesaw, finally got into the tunnel for the bonus and did the jump and managed to get back into the tunnel so got the bonus. (Most dogs went into the weaves poles and were faulted). It wasn’t pretty but he qualified in 1st place with 64 points!!

As usual, in-between classes we took Aiden out for a romp in the snow.

1-13-18 (45)

1-13-18 (6)

1-13-18 (28)

The last class of the day was Masters Standard Preferred. Aiden paid much more attention to me and qualified in 2nd place earning 30 PACH points. After coming out of the tunnel, and therefore qualifying, Aiden celebrated by running through the tunnel two more times!! What a goof ball.

1-13-18 (37)

By the time we left the trial the temperature had dropped. Back to the hotel for dinner and to watch the Patriots playoff game. They won!

On Sunday morning it was 50 degrees colder than Saturday morning…Brrr.

The first class was Time to Beat Preferred. Aiden had a super run but went in the wrong end of the tunnel…the VERY last obstacle. I tried to call him off but his paws went in therefore he was faulted.

Next up was Masters Standard Preferred. It was a bit tricky and a lot of the large, fast dogs went from the dog walk directly to the tunnel for an off-course fault. I was able to keep Aiden focused on me. He took good direction and qualified in 2nd place earning another 30 PACH points.

Aiden’s last class of the trial was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. He had a great run and Qualified in 2nd place earning 23 PACH points. This was Aiden’s 10th MJP Leg therefore he not only got a Double Q but he also got his Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred Title (MJP). What a good boy. This is our last agility trial until the middle of February.

1-14-18 (28)

1-13-18 (20)

U-Ch, V, PAM Alta-Tollhaus Aiden




January 1st, 2018 by Lynda

Aiden at the BCCA Agility Trial

Each year since 2011 we have spent our wedding anniversary celebrating at an agility trial in NH. This year was a little different as Jack was still not able to go with me and Aiden. We spent the morning of  Thursday the 28th (our actually anniversary day) together and then Aiden and I headed up to NH for the Bearded Collie Club of America Agility Trial.

Not having Jack with me I had to rely on the kindness of others to record Aiden’s agility runs.

On Friday the trial was for Excellent/Masters dogs only. Aiden qualified in 2 of his 5 runs…… luckily it was the two that count the most (Masters STD and JWW) and he earned a Double Q. Good boy Aiden!

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Aiden had a clean run in 29.34 seconds. He placed 3rd and earned 17 PACH points.

Later in the day, in Masters Standard Agility, Aiden had a clean run. He qualified in 2nd place and earned 28 PACH points and a DOUBLE Q!! Unfortunately the person recording was only able to get the second half of the course on tape.

12-29-17 QQ

On Saturday Aiden had nice runs on tight courses for big dogs.

In both Masters Standard and JWW Preferred he had an off course but I was very pleased with his runs.

In Masters FAST Preferred Aiden got the Send Bonus and qualified with a score of 74 and 1st place. A nice ending to another fun day.

12-30-17 FAST Q

Sunday was the last day of the Agility Trial. Aiden and I had another fun day with friends celebrating New Years Eve day!

In Time to Beat Preferred Aiden qualified in 1st place.

He had a good run in JWW but unfortunately one bar came down.

In Masters Standard Preferred Aiden had a clean run and qualified in 2nd place earning 26 PACH points. This was his 10th Leg for his Masters Agility Excellent Preferred Title (MXP).

IMG_2132 (2)

What a nice way to end the year.IMG_2122 (2)

Happy New Year to all our A-T friends.