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April 16th, 2018 by Lynda

Aiden and O’Connor’s weekend

This past weekend Aiden was entered in the Yankee Weimaraner Club Agility Trial in Westborough, MA. We left the Cape on Friday afternoon to meet Mario for Connor’s IPO training. It’s hard to believe it is mid April as our weather continues to be cold and rainy. Despite the weather Connor seems to enjoy the training. (On Sunday we drove home from the agility trial in a snow storm!)

We spent the night at the Red Roof Inn. This was Connor’s second time in a motel and he was very good.

On Saturday the first class of the day was Masters FAST preferred. Aiden was having a good run but did not get the bonus. It was a tough bonus where the dog went through a tunnel, out to a jump and then had to turn back to the A-Frame at a good distance, with a jump on the handler’s line, therefore the handler had to stay behind the jump. A lot of dogs came over the incorrect jump to the handler. Aiden stayed out and tried to understand what I was telling him. He spun in front of the A-Frame and then did it correctly but the judge called him for the refusal.

The next class was Masters JWW pref. Aiden had a couple of refusals and a back jump  and did not qualify.

The last class of the day was Masters Standard Preferred.  Aiden had a good run but going from the seesaw to the poles he had to take the panel jump at an angle and he knocked the top bar down.

In-between runs we took Aiden and Connor for little walks and brought Connor into the building for short periods of time. Connor got to see many different types of dogs and meet a lot of new people.

Connor making himself at home in Aiden’s crate!

…and making himself comfortable to watch the trial!

Checking out the measuring table….”Am I big enough to do agility?'”     “No, not for a long while yet Connor!”

Visiting with friends

On Sunday the first class of the day was Time to Beat. Unfortunately, Aiden knocked the very first bar but continued on with a good run but of-course did not qualify.

Next up was Masters JWW Preferred. Aiden had a great run. He qualified with 1st place and earned 16 PACH points.

Finally, it was Masters Standard Preferred. Coming off the dog walk there was a severe turn to the tunnel under the dog walk. Aiden did not wait for me and jumped off before he touched the yellow contact zone. There were a lot of tricky spots on the course that resulted in some yelling but Aiden was clean the rest of the course. Unfortunately no Double Q.

Aiden only qualified in 1 out of 6 runs this weekend but we had a good time and Aiden ALWAYS enjoys himself.

Father (Alta-Tollhaus Aiden) and son (Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor)







April 7th, 2018 by Lynda

O’Connor starts IPO Training

Last week was typical Spring time weather on Cape Cod. We had snow, rain, hail and even a thunder storm. On Thursday it was quite cold and windy but the sun was shining. After work Jack and I took all three dogs for a short walk and romp on a soccer field.

Just before Connor came to live with us we found out that Mario, the IPO Instructor Aiden and I trained with, moved to Indiana. We were devastated. Fortunately for us and Connor, and many other handlers and dogs, Mario has decided to return to Massachusetts weekly for training.

This morning we met Mario to start Connor’s IPO Training.

Phase 1 – Puppy tracking

Phase 2 – Puppy Obedience

Phase 3 – Puppy Protection

On the way to meet Mario on the field Connor stopped to check out the “big boy” sleeve.

This is Aiden in August 2012 at 4 months old at his first day of IPO training.

This is his son, Connor, at 11 weeks old at his first day of IPO training.

We had a great time reconnecting with Mario and many friends. Connor took right to it and had a lot of fun.

Aiden even got some bite work in but Jack did not have the camera with him then. I need to get better “Kennel Help”


April 1st, 2018 by Lynda

O’Connor’s first Agility Trial !

On Saturday March 31, 2018 Aiden was entered for one day in the Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club Agility Trial in Westborough, MA.  The weather has been getting a bit warmer, but not too warm, so we felt this was the perfect time to take the puppy as we could crate right out of our car. Due to Connor’s age we felt that it was best to start him off at a small local trial where we knew most of the people and dogs. We were able to bring Connor inside a few times for a little socialization where he was able to experience the sights and sounds of an agility trial in friendly and positive manner. Everyone there knows Aiden and were thrilled to meet an Aiden son.

IMG_7515 (2)

IMG_7498 (2)

IMG_7496 (2)

IMG_7527 (2)

Aiden has not been at an agility trial for a month and training has been limited with our trip to Michigan and getting Connor.

Aiden’s first class was Masters FAST. Aiden had a great run, got the SEND Bonus and racked up the maximum amount of points possible (80). He qualified in 1st place.

Next up was Masters Standard. As usual Aiden was raring to go! He had a great run and qualified in 1st place earning 28 PACH points. There were 13 dogs in Aiden’s class and 6 of them were GSDs. 2 American, 1 white, and THREE West German Show Line!

After our standard run there was quite a break before the JWW run. We took Aiden and son for a walk. They had a great time and really do like each other.

IMG_7446 (2)

IMG_7451 (2)

IMG_7485 (3)

IMG_7457 (2)

IMG_7474 (2)

Nap Time!IMG_7542 (2)

The last class was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. Another great run.…BUT…. that Long Dangerous Tail knocked one bar. No Double Q for us!

IMG_7549 (2)

We had a great time and Connor took everything in stride. Good puppy.

IMG_7407 (3)

March 31st, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva’s Mail from the German Shepherd Dog Club America

Ziva got some mail on March 17th (trying to catch up on my posts). She received 2 silver medallions and certificates of achievement from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. The medallions are given for achieving the highest level of a training venue or a Championship. One was for her Variable Service Tracking title and the other was for her Champion Tracker title earned in October of last year.












A short clip of her on hard surface at the startline finding the track direction



March 25th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva is Back on Track

This weekend we were able to attend the Lake Country Lure Coursers Scent Work trial in Tonawanda. We had entered this trial prior to her surgery & were lucky enough to get into most of the classes we entered.   Ziva was cleared for takeoff Wednesday, (at least for scentwork trials).  This is a new sport for us and since she loves to use  her nose I thought it would be a good fit – – she loves it!  We (I) made plenty of novice mistakes, but she was great. Apparently, THE NOSE KNOWS!  She earned 3 legs in Novice Containers and Novice Interiors completing those titles (SIN & SCN). She also earned 1 Novice handler discrimination leg with a first place and 1 advanced containers leg.  The rooms for the interior searches were too crowded to allow someone in to video, so we don’t have any of those runs.  This was a very challenging environment as it is a training/doggy day care center, so there were interesting smells everywhere.   The other test we entered and had to withdraw from was a school and I think the smells may not have been as distracting, so  I was really pleased with her work in this challenging environment.  Hoping the weather co-operates & we can get into a trial that can offer exterior searches 🙂


Ziva Novice A containers – !st place

Ziva Novice A containers – 2nd place

Ziva Novice Handler Discrimination – 1st place


Z-Evil loot photo!