Roman’s Herding Skillz

Roman’s sheep herding lessons are being put to good use at our house. Molly, a Barred Rock chicken, loves to fly the coop and walk around the yard. Roman loves to round her up and get her back to her place. He’s been super busy this summer…herding, swimming and helping out with yard work (digging holes). I think this might actually be the first post of Roman without his hoses! No worries, he still has them.

Aiden’s Training Day

Today was our first day of IPO training in almost a month. Our trainer, Mario, had been in Brazil with his GSD Caribou.  Caribou is the same age as Aiden ( 2yrs, 4 months old) and already has earned his IPO-3. Mario and Caribou have just qualified for the WUSV World Championship in France in October.

Aiden tracking8-6-14 054

8-6-14 084

After tracking it was on to obedience8-6-14 107

8-6-14 152

8-6-14 184

During Mario’s absence we were able to keep training on our own in both tracking and obedience but Aiden’s favorite part of IPO had to wait until Mario came back.

I think Aiden was very happy to see Mario again!8-6-14 212

8-6-14 253

8-6-14 269

During Aiden’s IPO-1 he slipped off the sleeve in the long bite. Since that time Mario has been using the smaller sleeve for long bite to build Aiden’s confidence up again.

Seems to be working8-6-14 288

Mario and Caribou8-6-14 294

Dylan was with us today but we did not get a picture of him at training. Two weeks ago Dylan and I helped at a Canine Good Citizen test. Dylan did a great job with the “meet and greet a dog” part of the test.  Afterwards we went to the A&W and Dylan had his own hamburger! He enjoyed his evening out!25. 7-22-14 Dylan (1)