Aiden’s busy, fun weekend

On Thursday (June 22nd) we drove up to Scarborough, Maine. The Collie Club of Maine was holding an agility trial at the Wassamki Springs Campground. We went to the trial site and set up our tent. This was to be our base at the trial….we were staying in a hotel not sleeping in a tent!

6-22-17 (6)

We took Aiden for a walk around the campground and everyone wanted to meet him, including these two girls.6-22-17 (11)

On Friday morning Aiden’s first class was Premier Standard. He was the only 24″ dog to qualify and therefore placed 1st. Aiden was one of only 4 dogs out of 26 in the whole class to qualify.

His second class was Masters Standard. Aiden had a great run and qualified in 2nd place earning 26 MACH points.

By the time it got to Masters Jumpers in the afternoon the sun was blazing and it was nearly 80 degrees. It was a really nice course for large dogs and Aiden had a great run but unfortunately knocked the first bar on the double jump.

6-23-17 (10)

After Aiden’s classes he had fun playing in the water.6-23-17 (90)

Saturday was day 2 of the Collie Club of Maine Agility Trial. This is a 3 day trail but we were only entered for 2 days. The day started out mostly cloudy, warm and very humid.

Aiden’s first class was Masters FAST. For the first time ever Aiden and I got all 80 points. We were one second over the course time therefore 1 point was deducted. Aiden qualified with 79 points and 1st place.

6-24-17 Iphone (3)

The clouds started to break up and as the sun came out the temperature started to rise. Aiden’s next class was Masters Standard. He had a very nice run but unfortunately one bar came down.

In between classes there was an AKC evaluator on site offering the new AKC Novice Trick Dog Test. Aiden and I decided to try it out! A total of 10 “tricks” are required to earn the Novice Trick Dog Title unless the dog has a CGC. Since Aiden has his CGC he was only required to perform 5 “tricks”. For an agility dog this was fairly easy. Each “trick” had to be performed twice. Aiden had to walk across a balance beam, jump over a low bar, go through a tunnel, touch to hand and do a sit, down and come by hand signals only. Aiden passed and has now earned the Novice Trick Dog Title (TKN).

6-24-17 (2)

6-24-17 (41)

The temperature continued to rise to 86 degrees. We took Aiden for a much deserved swim.6-23-17 (55)
Aiden’s last run at this trial was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. Aiden had a fantastic, enthusiastic run. He ran the course in 28.37 seconds and all the bars stayed up! He qualified with 2nd place and his 10th Masters JWW Leg earning his Masters JWW Title (MXJ). He also earned 16 MACH Points. This was a nice ending to a very nice trial.

6-24-17 (84)

6-24-17 (92)

The reason we did not stay for the 3rd day of the agility trial was because Aiden was entered in the new AKC Farm Dog Certified Test hosted by the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club in Whatley, MA. The test is a series of 12 exercises that represent various situations that a dog may encounter in a farm environment. The dog must demonstrate self-control, confidence and obedience when exposed to livestock and other unique sights, sounds and scents that are found on a farm. After the agility trial on Saturday we drove to Deerfield, MA. On Sunday morning we went the test site. There were two tests scheduled, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with two different judges. There were 50 dogs entered for each test. The test was set up both inside and outside. Jack was able to get a few pictures of some of the “exercise stations” but was not able to get close enough to get pictures of everything Aiden had to do in order to pass the test.

6-25-17 Alta-Tollhaus Aiden - Farm Dog Test 1 (1)

Aiden meeting the judge in test 26-25-17 Alta-Tollhaus Aiden - Farm Dog Test 2 (1)

Loose leash walking around farm equipment with distractions – test 16-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (30)

Loose leash walking around farm equipment with distractions – test 26-25-17 Farm Dog Test 2 (18)Some of the livestock – the ducks6-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (1)

Dog calmly waits while handler feeds livestock6-25-17 Farm Dog Test 2 (23)

Jump up and sit on hay bale6-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (42)

The sheep6-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (12)

Reactions to other farm dogs – test 16-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (47)

Physical Examination – test 26-25-17 Farm Dog Test 2 (28)

Jack, Aiden and I went for a nice walk between tests

6-25-17 Farm Dog Test (17)

6-25-17 Farm Dog Test (7)

Waiting for the 2nd test6-25-17 Farm Dog Test 1 (16)

6-25-17 Farm Dog Test (3)

Aiden passed both tests and earned his Farm Dog Certified Title (FDC).6-25-17 U-Ch, V, PAM Alta-Tollhaus Aiden IPO-2, VCD2 (CDX, OA, OAJ, TD), BN, RE, MX, MXJ, MXF, OAP, OJP, NFP, CA, DN, TKN, FDC, CGC, IT, TC, TDI

Aiden earned three new titles this weekend.6-24-17 Iphone (13)

U-Ch, V, PAM Alta-Tollhaus Aiden



Aiden at the CCKC Agility Trial

This weekend Aiden was entered in the Cape Cod Kennel Club Agility Trial. As this event is held by our local KC we took Thursday off work to help set up the rings and then we were at the trial all day long each day building courses, working in the rings, putting out the ribbons etc. A friend was at the trial and took pictures of Aiden on the agility courses. We never get photographs as Jack takes videos of Aiden so it was super to get some action shots.

Friday was for Excellent/Masters dogs only and Aiden was in 5 classes. In the first 4 classes Aiden missed qualifying by one fault or another each time. In the last class of the day, Masters Standard, Aiden qualified!! It took a lot of screaming to keep him on course! Aiden was the only dog in the 24” class to qualify thus earning 1st place and he got 18 MACH points.

6-16-17 Aiden at the CCKC Agility Trial (1)

Our friend managed to catch all three of us in the picture above. Two years ago another friend took the picture below with all three of us too!


6-16-17 Aiden at the CCKC Agility Trial (15)


6-16-17 Aiden at the CCKC Agility Trial (21)

6-16-17 Aiden at the CCKC Agility Trial (12)

IMG_5292 (2)

Saturday was day 2 of the Cape Cod KC Agility Trial. The day started with rain, then mist, then fog but ended up being a warm and partly cloudy day. Aiden had a good run in Masters Standard but knocked the double jump.

He also knocked a jump in Masters Jumpers. The last class of the day was Masters FAST. When all the handlers walked the course we discussed how impossible the Send Bonus was. You had to send the dog out to the far side of a tunnel, then over the A-Frame and then have the dog turn away from you and go into the tunnel…all from a distance of 15’. Aiden was the second dog to run the course. It took some doing but he was able to complete the Send Bonus. You can hear the crowd cheer! Aiden qualified in 1st place.

6-17-17 (3)

6-17-17 Wall jump (5)

IMG_5341 (3)

On Sunday, day 3 of the trial, it was another drizzly, foggy day at the Fairgrounds but at least it was not pouring with rain! No Q’s for Aiden today!

6-18-17. (7)

6-18-17. (4)


Aiden had lots of fun with Yasha running in the field, splashing in the puddles and playing with the hose!

6-18-17 (5)

6-18-17 Aiden and Yasha (9)

6-18-17 Aiden and Yasha (13)

Best buddies!6-17-17 Yasha and Aiden (1)

We had a fun weekend with a great judge, super courses and spending time with many good friends.


Aiden at the Norwegian Elkhound Club Agility Trial

Today Aiden was entered in the Norwegian Elkhound Club’s agility trial in Amherst, NH.

The first class was Premier Jumpers with Weaves. It was a difficult course. The second jump was a “backside”. It was much too close to the start line for dogs who don’t have a start line stay, like Aiden! Aiden starts each course with such enthusiasm. He was at the second jump in a blink of an eye and it was impossible to stop him from taking the jump from the front side. He went off-course right away but I got him back on track and he did really well on the rest of the course…including doing a super “backside” jump after the tunnel and he had a fabulous ending.

In Masters Jumpers with weaves Aiden again had a great run, but….you know…..knocked ONE jump. He did the exact same line consisisting of the weaves, the double jump and the tunnel in the Premier class and he did not knock the double jump….in Masters it came down! It was the only jump Aiden knocked down in all four classes today.

In Time to Beat (T2B) Aiden qualified with a clear round and came in second, by just 2.65 seconds, behind the fastest dog . He earned 9 T2B points.

Aiden’s last class of the day was Masters Standard. He had a good run on a tough course but went in the wrong end of a tunnel! Aiden did very well on a part of the course with three jumps in a line where I thought he might go off course or knock a jump due to the angles. Aiden thought it would be funny to go through the other tunnel twice!

IMG_1156 (2)

IMG_1141 (2)


Aiden at the RI Agility Trial- Day 2

This morning we were back at the Middlesex County Kennel Club Agility Trial on a cold (45 degrees) windswept rainy day.

In Time to Beat Aiden had a clean, fast run in 33.19 seconds. He qualified just 1.69 seconds behind the 1st place dog and earned 9 T2B points.

In Masters Standard Aiden had a super run on a very hard course and ran clean until the very last jump.

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves, Aiden had a good run on a nice, flowing course but unfortunately he appears to have misjudged his take off for a jump and down came the bar.

Oh well. No Double Q Mother’s Day present for me! No more trials for a few weeks now.