Wesensüberprüfung ZAP1 and ZAP2

Wesensüberprüfung ages 9 – 13 months:

Highlight video from a ZAP Part One seminar:

You can now choose to the IGP(IPO) title or the ZAP Part-Two. To obtain your körung (KKL) or breeding-license, the ZAP Part-One is required if you decide to do the IGP(IPO) title or the ZAP Part-Two.

This new requirement applies to all dogs born after July 1, 2017.

ZAP Part-Two was developed by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV), which can be done instead of the FCI title regulations (IGP/IPO). The ZAP working-section is divided into areas of nose-work, either tracking or searching. Also, obedience and defense exercises, which can be selected by the dog handler (I am looking for further clarification).

The ZAP test aims to maintain the breed’s versatility and the existing working-dog characteristics and to promote it in a targeted manner.

The following video is from the SV of ZAP Part-Two. IN the meantime we are waiting for an English translation: