Aiden in Rhode Island

This weekend Aiden is entered in the Providence County/Middlesex County Kennel Clubs Agility Trial in North Smithfield, RI. Jack and I took Friday off work and drove to Rhode Island and went to Lincoln Woods State Park. Even though it was a grey day we had a nice walk in the woods. Of course Aiden found some water to splash in!




Then we went to the Wide World of Indoor Sports building and set up our crate and chairs. They were having agility run-thrus so we signed Aiden up for two runs. He had a blast! After a quick dinner  we checked into the Red Roof Inn for the night.

This morning it was back to the trial site bright and early.

The first class was Masters FAST. The bonus involved two jumps, then a wrap back to the first jump, all from a distance of 15 ‘. As Aiden was over the second jump I called his name too soon to turn him back to the first jump and the bar came down!

The next class was Masters Standard. Aiden had a good run but one darn bar came down!

Aiden’s final class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. No bars came down…BUT..the course started with two jumps and then the tunnel. After the two jumps Aiden went for the correct side of the tunnel but hesitated and then went in the wrong side.

No Q’s today but a great time was had by all. Aiden sure does love agility. We were done by 1:00pm and took Aiden for a walk in Lincoln Woods State Park again. It was another gray day with rain expected this evening and all day tomorrow.

5-13-17 (8)

5-13-17 Lincoln Woods State Park (96)

5-13-17 Lincoln Woods State Park (32)

5-13-17 Lincoln Woods State Park (56)

This boy loves life!5-13-17 Lincoln Woods State Park (90)

5-13-17 Lincoln Woods State Park (40)


Alta-Tollhaus Rocks CGC, CGCA, CGCU and AKC Tricks!


Three Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherd Dogs and one who thinks he is: one CGC; three CGCA and four CGCU! And while we were at it: four AKC Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog Titles. Congratulations to Alta-Tollhaus Prada, Mersey’s Maniac Mitch, Alta-Tollhaus Icon and Alta-Tollhaus Emoji. Great handlers and awesome dogs!

Here are a few pix of Fred & Jody’s FL training trip.
Fred with Viktor:




Jody with Tori:



Alta-Tollhaus Icon, aka Viktor (Schumann x Bailey)

Alta-Tollhaus Emoji, aka Tori (Hunter x Hedi)


Aiden’s Day 2 of the MCKC Agility Trial

Today was not a great day for Mr. A. Things did not go as well as yesterday but Aiden and I still had fun!

Masters Standard was the first class of the day and they were starting with the big dogs. Usually in the first class of the day Aiden is super wound up. He loves agility so much that he can hardly contain himself when it is his turn to run. That overall exuberance unfortunately caused a bar to come down in the beginning of the course. I decided to use the rest of the course as “training in the ring”.

The second class of the day was Premier Jumpers with Weaves. As usual Premier courses are very tricky and have several “back side jumps” and “wraps”. Aiden had a fantastic run until near the end when he took an off-course jump. He made it further around the course without fault than any other 24″dog and none of the 24″ dogs qualified.

Our last class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. Aiden again had a great run and completed all of the “difficult parts” but then in the home stretch he knocked the bar going into the tunnel which was the last obstacle. I was not able to keep up with him and not get the cross in that I had planned and therefore I was on the wrong side. As Aiden was over the last jump I called his name so he would not go in the wrong end of the tunnel…. And down came the jump.




Aiden at the Middlesex County KC Agility Trial

On Friday Jack and I took a vacation day and headed up to New Hampshire for an agility trial this weekend. After checking in to the hotel we went to the Bear Brook State Park. The last time we were at this park was on December 29th and it looked like this.


This time the temperature was much more reasonable…in the low 80’s…which we enjoyed more than Aiden did. We hiked for about 2 hours and luckily were able to let Aiden take a swim in Bear Brook.

IMG_4791 (2)


IMG_4897 (2)

IMG_4907 (2)

IMG_4923 (2)

Today we went to American K9 Country in Amherst, NH for the trial. Aiden had a blast as usual.

The first class was Masters Jumpers with Weaves. Aiden had a great run. Coming out of the tunnel the next jump was at an angle and unfortunately Aiden knocked it down. NQ!

In Time to Beat Aiden had a course time of 33.65 seconds which was the fastest time earning him 10 points and 1st place.

Then in a very hard Premier Standard class I did lots of yelling to keep Aiden on course! He qualified with 1st place!

Last up was Masters Standard. Aiden had another good run. He qualified with 4th place and earned 21 more MACH points.

4-29-17 (28)

It was too hot for us to leave Aiden in the car while we went out to dinner so we got Olive Garden to Go!