Aiden at the PVKC Agility Trial

This weekend Aiden is entered in the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club Agility Trial in Westfield, MA. As this is an outdoor trial at a fairgrounds we decided to bring Dylan along with us.

Aiden and Dylan on the road on FridayIMG_1498

We stopped for lunch and the boys got a burger!IMG_1501

Aiden’s first class this morning was Masters FAST Preferred. Aiden got the tough bonus, which involved taking the tunnel entrances furthest from the handler with a jump in-between. He knocked one jump as I was being greedy and trying to get an extra 3 points but the angle to the jump was not good and the bar came down! (In FAST you can knock jumps without being disqualified but you do not get the points for the jump). Aiden scored 74 points for 1st place.

Aiden’s second class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. This was a difficult course with a very tricky tunnel entrance. Aiden had a clean run and placed 1st. He earned 21 PACH points.

It had been fairly warm but overcast earlier in the day but then the sun came out and it got hot. We took the boys to cool their feet in the very small pool!


Then Dylan and Aiden rested in the tent.IMG_0886

Our friend Jamie came by to visit with Caper. Dylan and Caper are ab0ut the same age (12+ years old) and did agility back in the day!IMG_1579

By the time it was Aiden’s turn to run in Masters Standard Preferred it was 87 degrees. It did not slow Aiden down in any way! Aiden got through the difficult beginning of the course but took an off-course jump near the end. It was a great run.

We had a great day. Back to the trial tomorrow.IMG_1607



Mika’s board and train


Update on Mika (Alta-Tollhaus Michigan) Mika is now ten weeks old and weighs 15lbs. We love her so much. She truly is a wonderful puppy. We do a lot of little training sessions throughout the day, and Mika has been working for most of her food. She LOVES playing ball and chasing her toys around! The following pictures are from the week we went out of town and boarded her with our friends at Valor k9 in Spokane. The following photos are all taken by Valor k9 Academy, captions as well. See their Facebook or Instagram for more.




“Took Mika on a field trip today! This little girl is a peach. Such a fun, confident pup. She handled all the new people, places, sights, sounds and surfaces beautifully. A testament to great genetics and breeding!”


“Mika exploring”




“A little focus work”


“Hey, why didn’t that hooman stop and say hi to me?” 😂 About 5 people after this stopped to say hi. She loves everyone! 😜


“Confident on an elevated surface”




“She saw her reflection and didn’t mind one bit. She knows she’s cute!”


“Mika’s mom got the best patch ever for her harness!”


“All done. 20 minutes. So much great exposure. Success!!”

Ziva at the Alaskan Malamute Agility trial

We were having company over labor day weekend, but I managed to sneak a day in on Friday to play agility.  Ziva had a Q and 3rd placement in Master Standard behind 2 MACH dogs that are now showing in preferred and a GREAT Jumpers run.  Unfortunately I sent her over the wrong jump, so no double Q 🙁  She is always so consistent, but my nerves get in the way, so I need to get my act together to complement her good work.


Sent her over the wrong jump so no Q

Aiden at the EESSC Agility Trial – day 2

Today we were back at the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Agility Trial for our second day.

Aiden’s first run of the day was Time to Beat. He was very excited as usual and decided to add an off course jump. He had a fast run, with lots of positives in it, but unfortunately the off-course meant he did not qualify.

Next class of the day was Master Standard Preferred. As you can see he is NOT much calmer and took off like he had been shot out of a cannon! He had a great run, avoided several traps and qualified with 25 PACH points and 2nd place. The 1st place dog, who is also a GSD, beat Aiden for 1st place by five hundredths of a second! There were three GSD’s in the class and all qualified.


Aiden’s last class of the weekend was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. Aiden had a super run and qualified with 21 PACH points and 1st place for his first PACH Double Q!!! Funnily enough the GSD who beat Aiden in Standard came in second to Aiden this time.


Jack, Aiden and I had a great weekend. It was great to be back at agility. The most important thing is Aiden had fun…. but it is also pretty cool that he qualified in 4 out of 6 runs, got a Double Q and earned a total of 62 PACH points.

IMG_1448 (2)


Aiden at the EESSC Agility Trial

With the unofficial end of the tourist season on Cape Cod, Jack and I were able to enter Aiden in the Eastern Eastern Springer Spaniel Club Agility Trial in North Smithfield RI this weekend. It is a 3-day trial but we are only entered for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. As we have been working weekends through the summer this is the first agility trial for Aiden since June.

We recently decided to try Aiden in the “Preferred” classes and this is the first time that he is competing in the Masters Preferred classes. Aiden does everything at full speed and we are hoping that by dropping him down to 20″  from 24″ jumps it will be a little easier on him. Once we have a done a few trials and are able to study his jumping style in the videos in slow motion we will make a decision whether to stay in Preferred based on what is best for Aiden.

Aiden’s first class of the day was Masters FAST Preferred. He earned 78 points out of a maximum 80 pts, got the bonus and qualified with 1st place.

His next class was Masters Standard Preferred. He knocked one bar down and had an off course which I may have been able to prevent if I had not “let down” after the dropped bar.

Aiden’s final class of the day was Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred. Aiden had a super run but at the second to last jump he started to go off course. I was able to call him off for a great “save” and he qualified with 1st place and earned 16 PACH points.


IMG_1398 (2)

After the trial we went to the Lincoln Woods State Park so Aiden could have a celebratory off-leash run.


Back at the hotel…more agility tomorrow.