Day one of Agility for Aiden

Yesterday afternoon Aiden was entered in the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club Excellent Only Agility Trial.

In Excellent Standard he took and an off course jump at the beginning of the course, right after the tire, that caused us to have a fumble at the dog walk but after that he had a pretty good run. NQ!

In Time to Beat Aiden Qualified with 2nd place….he ran fast and clean but it required a bit of yelling on my part to keep him on course! I love my crazy, enthusiastic boy!!

In Excellent FAST Aiden racked up 72 points, got the bonus and qualified with 1st place for his 2nd leg.

Aiden did not have a Jumpers with Weaves run as he is still in Open Jumpers.


Ziva-TDX practice track #5.

Below is practice track #5.  There were several people and their dogs there and this was good practice for the real thing instead of just Ruth and I out in the middle of nowhere.  The person taking the video did not know how to zoom in, but you will get the idea and Ruth is doing the narrating.


TDX #5


While this is not the drone view Carole wants, this will have to do.


This is working the cross track and obstacle denied.

Steve herds

Apparently he is a natural! Steve is a long coat from the U-Litter, born this past November and is currently in a board and train program.

Sharing an email update from his trainer Amy of Valor K9 in Medical Lake, Washington State.

“These are my favorite pictures of Steve from tonight. He’s a total natural, Julie! Within seconds of walking up to the sheep, he knew exactly what to do. It was pretty awesome. I started him on the long line, but he quickly proved to me that he wasn’t going to hurt the sheep and that he knew to keep his distance. I dropped the leash seconds after the first photo was taken, and off he went!”


steveherd1 Steveherd2

Thank you,

Amy Glunn
Canine Training and Behavior Specialist
Owner and Head Trainer
Valor K9 Academy, LLC
1112 N. Dover Rd.
Medical Lake, WA 99022


Ziva and Lisa working the loss of the track

This is a portion of the TDX # 4 practice track that was all obstacles. Ziva lost the track and started to search. I backed up to where I thought she was last on track and let her continue searching. I had to keep reminding myself to not turn around and backtrack or that could mess her up. At the end you can see her find it again when I am suddenly pulled into the hedgerow. IF I don’t fall and kill myself it will be a miracle 🙂

If you look at the track map below from TDX track #4, this was coming down the hill to the stretch of the farm road. You will see the circles on the map indicating where we were doing the searching b4 she found her way.

Ruth said this is a great example of me reading her and helping us get back on track.

TDX # 4 (1)