Ziva’s Busy weekend

Friday we were off to the Onondaga Kennel Club agility trial.  She Q’d for her 1st Nov JWW leg with a 1st place. Saturday it was off to practice a VST blind track and Sunday back to the Onondaga Agility trial were she picked up her 2nd Nov JWW leg with a first place!












This is Ziva’s run on Sunday in novice Jumpers with weaves.  She is such a good girl trying to do whatever she is asked.  She always makes me continue to try and improve my handling.  She really has come a very long way since we decided to give this sport a serious shot in February.


Aiden getting ready for the GSDCA National

Despite a minor setback with my treatment in the middle of the week I was able to get back on track and on Friday afternoon Jack, Aiden and I headed up to New Hampshire for one day of agility.

After getting through Boston we stopped at the Harold Parker State Forest and took a nice walk so Aiden could stretch his legs.

Today (Saturday) Aiden was entered in two classes at the Wachusett Kennel Club Agility Trial. His first class was Excellent Jumpers with Weaves. We were hoping to get his 3rd leg to move up into Masters before the GSDCA National but unfortunately Aiden had an off course right away and knocked one bar.

In Masters Standard Agility “Mr. Barkley” had an enthusiastic run but knocked one bar.
Although I am disappointed that Aiden did not qualify I am very happy to see how much fun he had both in and out of the ring. He was socializing with everyone and thrilled to be there. Aiden and I are not yet in-sync as a team again, we sometimes forget how stresses in our personal lives effect our animals. It’s been a long summer for Aiden also.

In September we were fortunate enough to be able to use a dock owned by a friend on Long Pond in Harwich to practice some dock diving as we are going to try dock diving with Aiden at the GSDCA National in October.  Despite all the swimming he does he has never jumped off a dock.

September 8th, Aiden’s first time jumping off a dock9-8-16-dock-diving-2

September 9th…a much nicer day!9-9-16-dock-diving-22


At American K9 Country, where the agility trial was held today, there is a new aquatic center which has a pool. We were able to rent the pool for a half hour after Aiden’s last agility run. Although this is a small pool, and not a regulation dock diving pool, we wanted Aiden to experience jumping into a pool. No problem…he loved it!