October 23, 2010

VP3 Alta-Tollhaus Ivan says…

“Hey, handler man—I really like you!”
September 12, 2010

Kayla and Sally

Kayla and Sally helped me with my new speedlight today.
September 12, 2010

FL Version of a Built-in Pool…

“Woo Hoooo! A new pool!” “Hey, wait a minute.” “Is this it?” “It is no deeper than this?!?” “This looks nothing like the pools that my […]
June 24, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus L Pups—Water Dogs!

No DNA test is necessary—these are Alta-Tollhaus pups! They take turns resting in the water bowl. Wait until they are old enough for a baby pool! […]
June 24, 2010

Kayla and The L Pups

Kayla/X-Box L Litter: Kayla says, bring on the brats—she’s ready. These were taken a few days ago. Each pup had a different response to the milk […]
June 20, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus Lille

Want to see it again? Notice her full-calm grip! 😉
June 20, 2010

Misc. L’s at 4 weeks

Kayla/X-Box L kids. Overnight they became mini-GSDs. How does that happen?! Louie: Leonora: Lex: Larisa: While “the others” were napping, Lille and I were doing something […]
June 20, 2010

The L pups visit from Dr. Linda

Our Kayla/X-Box pups turned 4 weeks old yesterday. They enjoyed a great visit with Dr. Linda! I think they were thrilled to be getting attention from […]
June 18, 2010

We don’t need no stinkin’ whelping box!

Kayla/X-Box L Litter—3.5 weeks. The pups decided to be big dogs and didn’t want a whelping box anymore. I said they were rather young to be […]