March 20, 2010

Ana says…

Ana says that if Maika and Kayla can sleep in bed, then so can she! This was her idea—not mine!
March 19, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus Kayla

More roadtrip pix: I can’t believe how much Kayla looks like Kira. Welcome home, Kayla!
March 19, 2010

Just Chillin’

The Beauty: The Little Beast: “I bet I could get on this bed.” “Hmmm, now I’m thirsty.” Kissing up to Maika. Main goal: Mom’s toys! Yep, […]
March 19, 2010

Isa Pix

Isa is the most awesome puppy ever! Jil “Many people have told me that I’m beautiful, but I can look truly goofy at times, too.  See?” […]
March 19, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus Ana

Took a little roadtrip with Maika, Kayla and Ana. Ana is being so good! Hey, what is that little piece of white stuff near her? Oh […]
March 17, 2010


Weekly update photos of Singer – was J-boy (XBox – Funny)
March 17, 2010

Official SAR Dog!

It is now official! K9 Rudi and I are a team and our application/background check has been approved and we are now official members of the […]
March 16, 2010

Ilea In Front Yard

I am 30 pounds today and I am a perfect hostess.  I played with the little boy whose sister and Mom helped bring me to my […]
March 10, 2010

Ivan starts Puppy School!

Ivan went to his first puppy class tonight. There were lots of large breed puppies for him to socialize with before and after class!