January 2, 2011

Alta-Tollhaus Kayla – dry

Julie says that she rarely sees pictures of Kayla when she’s dry.
January 1, 2011


Kayla was very happy that she went swimming today. She couldn’t wait for the pool to fill up! One of her favorite games is to bat […]
January 1, 2011

Garbo says…

Shake off the old year and bring in the new! Hey, Ivan—come on down! My pool might be dinky, but at least it is warm enough […]
November 25, 2010

For those of you with young pups…

Watch out! This will quickly happen to you! Alta-Tollhaus Ivan—February, 2010: VP3 Alta-Tollhaus Ivan—October, 2010: This photo of Ivan is from Ricco’s Progeny Group. Ivan is […]
November 8, 2010

I know why Millie went to the Spa

Millie heard that all top models go the spa for mud treatments! I meant to share this earlier but ran off to NASS and forgot. Millie […]
November 3, 2010

Alta-Tollhaus Ivan

Here is VP3 Ivan from his 9-12 Month class at NASS.
November 2, 2010

Three of my faves

K-Pony: I said, “Oh my God” so many times while this puppy was in the ring that people probably thought that I was praying. Ivan: I […]
October 23, 2010

SG6 Alta-Tollhaus Heike

Heike handled the big ring like a pro! Monica did an excellent job of double handling. I just hate that inside ring rope!
October 23, 2010

VP2 Alta-Tollhaus K-Pony

Free-standing Hot Stuff! Now I’ve got to get back to work…