X-Box dei Precision

November 24, 2011

My wild child’s gentle side

We spent the evening in the nursing home and Sade enjoyed all the attention and gave back in kind. Everyone loves a visit from a dog […]
November 24, 2011

In Life, You Need Balance

Monica working Nina (her CKCS) and Verdae the long-coat from the V litter on balance.
November 23, 2011

You Know

You know you have a good one when the top handler in the world is staring at your dog. Alta-Tollhaus Kapone, owned by Al and Karen […]
November 20, 2011

My pretty girl at work

Today Sade did her first backward escape bite off leash. She hit up and through the helper with visual force. I was not able to get […]
November 18, 2011


From Lou and Shelley: “Here are pictures of Hermus- Alta-Tollhaus Louie. He is so handsome and just a wonderful baby. We love him so much. Have […]
November 17, 2011

Beware U Litter Parents this will happen to you

Libby 6 weeks     Libby 8 weeks       Libby 8 months
November 16, 2011

Lily Goes to School!

Last week my darling 3rd grade grandson asked me to come to his school this week as his “special person”. If that wasn’t enough to melt […]
November 15, 2011

Beware S litter girley parents-they are growing up

Can you believe she is making me wear these things?   
November 13, 2011

Singer CGC

Just wanted to let you know that we finally stopped herding long enough for Singer to do his CGC (canine good citizen). Now it’s back to […]