X-Box dei Precision

April 11, 2011

I hate California!

Pictorial complain from Qai!
April 11, 2011

Alta-Tollhaus Ombré Viola

“All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers is contained in the dog.” — Kafka
April 11, 2011

Via’s Movement

I shot a lot of out of focus video yesterday for Carol to show Via’s (Alta-Tollhaus Ombré Viola) movement. This is about the only usable bit. […]
April 11, 2011

Where did my puppy go??

  I don’t know who this is, but I want my 12 lb. puppy back!! **wahhh**   They grow up too fast. 🙁       […]
April 9, 2011

Clash of the Titans.

I took Nuke out to play today and we met up with a two year-old Great Dane. They had a BLAST playing together. I call this […]
April 9, 2011

Kaper and Maize

10 month-old Alta-Tollhaus Kaper (k litter: XBox – Maika) and friend having some fun.
April 5, 2011

S Pups Eat!

Pictures before our first meal Pictures after our first meal of scrambled eggs and Greek yogurt
April 5, 2011

K-Kids In Illinois

Alta-Tollhaus Keeper – call name Bakke and Alta-Tollhaus Kali taken Sunday. Ray Silvertrust is with Bakke. K-litter XBox – Maika
April 4, 2011

our poor attempt at stacking Alta Tollhaus Quando

Go ahead, laugh at my expense. This was such a tough job, my mom was taking the pictures, my flash battery is almost dead, Odin not […]