X-Box dei Precision

September 19, 2010

Loves and Hates.

Nuke loves lawn mower tires… Loves empty plastic bottles on a string…. Loves water drizzled out of a kong…. … hates Bath Times. 🙂
September 16, 2010

N’ Lilly

The N litter (XBox – O’Stara) girl is now known as “Lilly.”
September 16, 2010

Kaper at Puppy Class

Kaper has started a “foundation skills for agility” puppy class. Today was the first class and she chose to demo an important skill she already possesses: […]
September 15, 2010

Singer’s off and runnin’

I had to judge an AHBA trial today so I brought Singer along. Singer spent most of the day in the car in his crate with […]
September 15, 2010

More Nuke.

I was wondering if the amount of time Nuke spent zonked out was normal, but after a little nap this evening he woke up and was […]
September 13, 2010

Nuke Has Arrived!

Nuke’s flight was supposed to arrive at 1:31pm. It was six minutes late. 🙂 But then we learned they unload poor lonely little puppies last. So […]
September 13, 2010

Big Sky Country

Into the sky on my way to Big Sky Country. Lookout mom here comes Nuke! Momma Julie would not tell the airport people my name, she […]
September 12, 2010

FL Version of a Built-in Pool…

“Woo Hoooo! A new pool!” “Hey, wait a minute.” “Is this it?” “It is no deeper than this?!?” “This looks nothing like the pools that my […]
September 7, 2010

Jack and Gracie