X-Box dei Precision

October 9, 2011

Gone Fishin’

The Kidlet and Via (Alta-Tollhaus Ombré Viola) pass time “fishing” in the back yard.
October 8, 2011


I was walking Nuke this morning and realized that this time last year, we’d only had him for a few weeks. 🙂 Then: Now:
October 3, 2011

The Irish, the German and the Golden

I think the German is the best lookin of the bunch 😉 This is the furkids first trip to the lake, all of them enjoyed it. […]
October 2, 2011

Chloe and Her Kids

From the Granger Family S-Litter (XBox – Allie): The kids ADORE Chloe and she loves them, too. 🙂 She has really become part of the family, […]
October 2, 2011

4 on the Floor

It does happen…Sade can keep her feet on the ground, even, once in awhile, all 4 of them. Alta-Tollhaus Sade s-litter (xbox – Allie)
October 1, 2011

While Dad’s away…

While Dad’s away, I’ve got to play! Hey, Dad. Garbo has taught me some new tricks. Can she come to our house? I love to zoom […]
October 1, 2011

Phase B Kali

Phase B/Obedience training. Carolyn and Kali (XBox – Maika; K-litter)
September 29, 2011

Flying Gator

Alta-Tollhaus Sade ( S-litter XBox – Allie) Allie has many nicknames but my favorite for her is Allie-gator.  These pictures of her daughter, Sade, remind me […]
September 28, 2011

Kali C-Phase

All the way from Illinois Carolyn and Kali (K litter Maika – Zbox) C-phase/protection training: