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September 1, 2008

Kira-Markus Rendezvous: Wolfe

Bernd Wolfe and Markus vom Status Quo. Herr Wolfe is the co-owner of Markus Bernd’s “man cave” Bernd and his girlfriend: Dinner: Even in Germany a […]
August 31, 2008

Kira-Markus Rendezvous: Nagel Part 2

Across from the front courtyard Two of the half dozen cows This is a very small part of the 200+ year old barn across from the […]
August 31, 2008

Kira-Markus Rendezvous: Nagel Part 1

Some more pictures from Kira’s rendezvous with Markus vom Status Quo in Detmold, Deutschland. This is Bernd Nagel’s home, he is the owner and breeder of […]
July 15, 2008

Home from Deutscheland

The flights to and from were uneventful. No problems with the airlines shipping Kira. Well…. other then I flew Northwest and they charged $500 each way […]
March 3, 2008

Unfortunately, back…


Sorry I didn't get this done last night.  I think I

collapsed once we were finally home.

LA was great, as usual--and if anyone wants good

corned beef, I know where to send you.

Yesterday was fairly awful--not as totally awful as

the time they made us take Air France from Chicago to

Paris to London when we knew we had already missed the

London-Moscow connection, but depressing enough.  Had

to get up at 4, to get the shuttle at 4:45.  All the

other idiots taking the shuttle were late (guy had to

go into the hotel, call the room, eventually they came

down, etc.), so nervous traveller was getting

irritated.  Check-in was ok, we got on the plane, then

had a delay because of ground conditions in Denver.

Landed in Denver in a sleet storm.  Apparently the

luggage sat outside the whole time, since everything

in the checked bag was soaked when I got home.  Long

delay waiting for plane to go to d-ville, then an hour

line-up for de-icing, finally arrived in d-ville in

the middle of a sleet/rain mix, temps falling steadily

as I left the airport.  Went straight to the kennel to

pick up the monsters, and we all returned looking like

drowned rats.  But at least the streets had not yet

turned to ice.

Today we have sun, wind chill of 12, etc.  The boys

greeted the day by tipping over the water bucket in

the kitchen, so my floor is wet, they drowned the tote

bag of stuff I had ready to go to class tomorrow, etc.

But the real question to contemplate is future travel

with checked bags.  The regular carry-on was just the

usual aggravation.  But this time my bags were checked

every time, and TSA is going a little nutty.  They

were so determined to disconnect the battery in my

cheap alarm clock that they broke the clock in the

process.  It was not worth much, but when a person

needs an alarm clock . . . .  On the way back they

took the top off a little container of hand cream and

put the parts back in separately, so that created an

interesting little mess.

Are we on a list because of the Russian visas?  Or do

they do this to everybody?

Maybe we should all take the battery out before we

leave home?  But what did I have in the hand cream?

One of those Cold War micro-dots?  If so, I should

have had it on a contact lens.

OK, enough.  time to put all the towels from the

kitchen floor in the laundry, go to pick up the mail,


Have a better day than we are!

February 27, 2008

Greetings from LA!

Greetings from LA!

New plantings around the airport--birds-of-paradise
are blooming, also azaleas, primroses, etc.  Lots of

new Sago Palms (or some kind of small palm--I wouldn't

know one from another).  Sun and 70s.  Can't adjust

yet--the ice palace was with us for so long that I

think this is a mirage.

Will check in if I can get a computer again.

Meanwhile, stay off the ice if you can!
January 23, 2008

The Story of a Lifetime

Let me preface this with, we are “all” okay.< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

We went snowshoeing Sunday on the North Country Trail.  Although it was only 4 degrees we were staying warm and enjoying ourselves, until we got to a section of the trail where we were at the < ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />

We’ve analyzed just about every moment and feel we really didn’t have any other options.  There was no way I was going to lose our Hector.  He would have drowned if we didn’t go out after him.  Fortunately all is fine.  But we certainly won’t be hiking near any rivers or lakes anymore in the winter.

Hope your Valentine’s litter arrives with hearts of gold. 


December 24, 2007

Last Report from Moscow for 2007

Authentic craft line items are about gone

in today's Moskva.  Just read an article based on

interviews with real crafts people, and they can't

find a good outlet.  Apparently almost everything at

Izmailovo (the old flea-market now renamed the

"vernisazh"--good old French influence returns) these

days is a fake of one sort or another.

Just in case you want a Bentley, I will attach the

December 20, 2007

Hell on Wheels

He has a point--but how else do we bring back all those heaps of books?

Op-Ed Contributor: Hell on Wheels
Unless you are a deep-sea diver or, maybe, an iron-ore salesman, your luggage really shouldn’t necessitate load-bearing wheels.