Travel and Adventures

December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas from Moscow

December 7, 2007

Greeetings from Russia


The pups have a big fan club in Moskva!  Everyone here

at the B&B was just standing around the screen,

looking at the latest pix on the blog and going


Glad you came when you did.  Prices here are insane

(e.g., the Holiday Inn is at least $300/person/night),

and the elite excess is overwhelming.  How many $1000

bottles of champagne does the world need?  However

many it may be, they are all right here.

Please pat the babies for us.  Those little

personalities are definitely starting to show.
December 3, 2007

Russia – Day 3

No presents from Russia this year. The t-shirt I bought for $10 last time is now $45.

Only deal is concert tickets.

December 2, 2007

Russia – Day 2

We are about to head off for collecting concert tickets, then exploring

the changes around the Kremlin. Heard they are building on the

site of the old Moskva hotel, and that there is just a giant

construction fence around that huge area where the Rossiia used to be.

Prices here are unreal! Glad you came when you did.

December 1, 2007

Russia – Finally Arrived


We are finally here. Left Atlanta on time, then there was plane trouble,

so we spent about four hours on the ground at JFK and they finally

transferred everything to another plane--even the food, plastic cups,


All done at the famous "remote location" out there on the fringes. So

we arrived late. We were lucky. T-Mobile works, Joyce sent e-mail to

the B&B about the delay, the taxi guy was right there, and we are settled.

B&B is very comfortable, and it appears we have the whole place to

ourselves. No luxury, but we have heat, clean bathroom, kitchen with

breakfast stuff, and--most important--the key code for the entry. If

any of you plan to come over and use this place, you do need phone

access to contact the guys that you are at the metro station or

standing in front of the door.

Not terribly cold yet, but there is ice all over the place. Moskva has

changed remarkably in the time we have not been back--incredible

building, expansion, etc. Every car dealership you can think of, all

along the road in from the airport. IKEA is no longer out there by

itself--a MegaMall has sprouted around it.

More later--must figure out how things work, head for a coffee place

and figure out the concert for tonight.

November 2, 2007

2008 WUSV – World Union of German Shepherd Dog Club

The annual Schutzhund competition of the German Shepherd Dog will be held in the USA in 2008! This is a rare opportunity and within driving distance […]
October 25, 2007

Canine Health Symposium

I am finally back home from another stint in St. Louis.  This time I have the priveldge of representing the GSDCA at the Canine Health Symposium.  My head is swimming with all sorts of new information whihc I plan to share with all of you.  So many exciting and interesting things!