Busy Day for Team Paka’s Ian, aka Gideon

“Started the morning out bright and early training with two chicks. Wow! How did I get so lucky? I strutted my stuff and showed them my fancy moves. Syd & Nalla were quite impressed with me! However, Carole was a slacker and didn’t take pictures of me doing so great with the ladies.

“Next came a manicure, a bath and then a blow dry. Holy crap! Was she trying to blow me to Oz?”


“I do look pretty good, don’t I?”


“Carole said I was being a jerk just ’cause I wouldn’t stand still. Hey, I’m too excited to stand still!I’m headed to my new home tomorrow!!  Look out, Momma Stephanie, HERE I COME!!!”

Shotzie has a new role….

Shotzie (X litter) is now a ‘big sister’ to Ernie (Golden Retriever)! She is a very nice, playful big sis. As you can see from the photo (hopefully I can load it), she is teaching Ernie how to attack a chew. These two puppies are so fun to watch — Shotzie is 13 months and Ernie is 11 weeks. It is nice for Shotzie to have somebody to play with because the two older dogs — Kaline and Sophie — aren’t much fun in that department.Shotzie & Ernie