Bella, Brody, and Fred

Bella form the B-litter Dux von glockenheide x Pala von Trafalga da momma and poppa, Judy and Doug:
Bella in a self-stack, love her strong head:
Judy tells me that Bella’s ears are up this week and look beautiful! So now we need all new pictures.
Brody (b-litter) first time on the bite wedge:
Patti and Fred ( X-litter Gavin x Ana)
Fred on the arm and Broady in the background
Fred and Patti:

Love your training vest Patti, you look so happy!:

Halterless A-T Kids Kick Butt At O-Town!

Yes, the two wild, unruly, bad-assed GSDs have graduated from O-Town without the use of the head halter. For all of the glares and rude comments that we received we were both invited back. And even though they know that the Big Z is headed for greater things, they said that they hope to see ME back again!  LOLOL! Where’s that wine?!!?

Sorry, no pix. However, here is proof that the Big Z completed this gig. Of course, the instructor handing out the certificates still didn’t know which was The Big Z and which was Y-K-Y.  Yeah, they look so much alike. After eight weeks and such a tiny class one would hope that at least your dog’s name would be known.

Big Z and Y-K-Y were on their best behavior last night. We kicked butt on all exercises, including foosing in a group! Our little pups—naked—no head halters managed to do just as well or actually better than the other two who managed to show up for class. AND we were the only 2 with perfect attendance!!  You know me. Why stay home when I have an opportunity to go torment someone? Besides, there was wine involved. 😉

Recall – they still do not get it. Big Z does her usual rocket recall. When she gets to me we play tug with the ball. Grab it says, “Now can she do it without flying to you and sit in front?” I said, “NO. But she will fly in AND sit in front.” Grab it has a smirk like, “yeah, right.” “HERE!” Rocket launch, “Sit!”, brakes slammed on and sat in front. We tugged. The End.

O-Town with a Side of Wine!

That’s right, Rita! Better get that wine ready. Actually, I think we deserve a case! Get this—WE were invited back!!!

I was asked if I was going to sign the Big Z up for the next class. The Big Z has such great working ability, blah, blah, blah, and she would do really good there. I said the Big Z was headed to MI to be with Da Poppa after this.

I did mention that I have a young male that I’ve been working with who would really benefit from the distractions. However, I’d have to bring him on a prong collar (deadly sin there). “OH, that’s NO problem—BRING HIM!!” “YOU could work him on a prong!” bwaaahahah!!! Oh gosh—I’m still laughing over this one.

Of course, during class I was told that the Big Z is still way too exuberant. I said, no that’s just the way me and Da Poppa want her. I am not about to correct a dog for running too quickly to me no matter who’s in charge. Yeah, right. After the Scarlett/Kai incident, could you see me training with Nasty and The Director in one of the advanced classes?

Next week is our final week at O-Town. The Big Z is ready for that certificate!  🙂