January 28, 2010


Phil holding Ivy Ivan hamming up with Phil Ivy, J-boy, Isa, Ivan Ivan Ivy Isa Ivan J-boy Ivan Ivan trying to get Phil’s attention Ivan successfully […]
January 28, 2010


January 27, 2010


This is Isa, who I first named Ida. Isa is the long-coated girl from Ricco x Allie. She is very sweet and friendly and really, really, […]
October 16, 2009

A very funny puppy!

Hi,  I am Ann- Felix’s ( Grunewald’s) mom.  The other day we had our first snow – which is always fun,  especially if you have never seen it […]
September 7, 2009

Trip To The Farm

Pieka and I went to my family’s farm this weekend for a visit.  Shane and the boys (Whiskey and Louie) stayed here in Columbus, since it […]
April 14, 2009

Camp Schneiden Fels

Cadence at camp Schneiden Fels getting her foundation work and ring training. Photos by Pat Kennedy:
March 10, 2009

We are on a roll: Pieka the Destructo Puppy

Yesterday afternoon, my dog walker (who is fantastic) called me and said “Um, Jaime, everything is fine, I just wanted to let you know that Pieka […]
January 24, 2009

Caisson and Cadence Shy of 8 Weeks

The repeat breeding of Rudi, Schumi, and Annie – Jimmy v Arminius x Faye vom Kirschental
January 15, 2009

It’s All About the Food